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Mastering the Art of Simplification

Welcome to 20Cube, your partner in revolutionising global retail logistics and making trade easy. With over 35 years of experience and expertise in the dynamic retail and fashion sector, we provide tailored solutions crafted to meet the distinct challenges retailers encounter. Our retail industry professionals will guide you effortlessly through the intricate supply chain landscape, from source to shelf. We ensure a seamless client journey while enhancing the value we bring to top retail chains.

Our Areas of Expertise

PO to POD Visibility

PO to POD Visibility & Control from origin to destination

Re-engineering supply  chain management

Re-engineering supply 
chain management

We are agile, quick  and efficient

We are agile, quick 
and efficient

Multi country  supplier management

Multi country 
supplier management

Green Freight Options

Green Freight

Why 20Cube?  Network for Cross Trade Solutions Technology Customer Care

Why 20Cube? 


Your Knowledge-Based Logistics Service Provider

At 20Cube, we use retail insights and deep supply chain expertise, enhanced by cutting-edge technology. Our goal is simple: to build an efficient supply chain that empowers your business to thrive. We're more than logistics; we're here to drive your success with smart, simplified solutions.

What Sets Us Apart? Our retail supply chain professionals start by understanding your business inside-out: your model, pain points, and growth goals. Then, we craft a dynamic, cost-effective supply chain that consistently delivers exceptional results

Say Goodbye to Hidden Costs We're relentless in uncovering supply chain cost-drivers. Delays and inefficiencies? Not on our watch. Our technology platform identifies and fixes issues upstream, saving you money and boosting trust.

More than Logistics Customs, documentation, border force regulations, troubleshooting, tariff consulting – we add value. Trust us with your transportation; we're the experts you need.

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Network for Cross Trade

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Discover Our Network for Cross Trade Our extensive network spans 12 countries and 100+ partner locations globally. We're your go-to choice for Australian retailers manufacturing in Asia, shipping to the USA, Europe, and beyond.

Strategically Positioned Offshore Warehouses We've strategically placed warehouses in Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, USA, India, and Bangladesh. These locations empower retail manufacturers with cost-effective, efficient cross-border trade solutions.

Blue Ocean Solutions Experience our cutting-edge Blue Ocean solutions that deliver exceptional value. Our global connections ensure a seamless journey for your retail business, freeing you to focus on international expansion.



Our tailored solutions save you money, allowing you to invest more in your company

Ocean freight

  • We provide efficient and cost-effective international shipping solutions via sea, ensuring your cargo reaches its destination securely.

**Eco friendly option: We offer Green Freight choices and Carbon Credits, supporting sustainability and reducing environmental impact

Air Freight

  • Our swift air freight services guarantee speedy delivery of your goods worldwide, with a focus on time-sensitive shipments.

Land Freight

  • Offering reliable domestic and cross-border land transportation, we ensure seamless connectivity for your cargo across various regions.


  • Simplifying your logistics, our consolidation services combine shipments to optimise efficiency and reduce costs in your supply chain.
  • We navigate seasonality fluctuations by combining sea and air freight services, providing an innovative solution so that your cargo arrives on time.
  • We tailor your solutions based on your operations, ensuring the best possible outcome.
Consol Routes
  • China to Australia: We offer consol services for both air and sea freight, ensuring your cargo arrives smoothly.
  • India to Australia: Choose from air and sea freight consol options to meet your shipping needs.
  • China to USA: Trust us for reliable air freight consolidation services to the USA.

Offshore Warehousing and Distribution

  • With our strategic warehousing and distribution network, we manage your inventory and ensure timely delivery to your customers.

Customs and Compliance

  • Navigating customs, border force, regulations, and trade policies is a breeze with our team of Licensed Customs Brokers. We provide expert advice and guidance, ensuring a smooth import process across diverse retail segments.



TechnologyWe utilise cutting-edge technology and digital solutions to streamline and optimise our freight forwarding services.

Our innovative solutions include track and trace milestone notification, exception notification, supplier booking, document retrieval, and data integration and management dashboards, providing full visibility and control over cargo.

With our advanced track and trace milestone system, you can stay up to date on your shipments' status in real-time, ensuring peace of mind and enabling informed decision-making throughout the process.


Customer Care

Our People and CultureWe are committed to providing you with the highest level of customer care. The heart of our exceptional customer service lies in our centralised knowledge processing and business operations centre, 20Cube’s Digital Nerve Action Centre (The DNA), operating 24/7.

The DNA's objective is to enhance quality and turnaround time through a process-driven approach. Giving our branches more time to focus on clients and elevate the customer service experience.

  • Reducing the amount of work on your end with our digital systems and expert team


Partner with 20Cube Logistics for Success

At 20Cube Logistics, we proudly make a difference with our unwavering commitment to make trade easy. Our pursuit of excellence sets our service apart, making it truly exceptional in the industry.

Let us be your trusted partners in managing seasonal shifts. Fill out our form and send us a message. Connect with our experts and gain tailored insights to navigate your retail supply chain.


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Note: If you have more than 2 origin and destination countries, please fill them out in the description below.

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Note: If you have more than 2 origin and destination countries, please fill them out in the description below.

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Note: If you have more than 2 origin and destination countries, please fill them out in the description below.


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