Our People and Culture

People-first culture

Our culture is People-first. With employees' belief in "Loyalty, Belongingness and Feeling Valued" as one of the key reasons to be a part of the organization, it is not a surprise that we have a highly motivated and promising team. Management and employees equally own the success of the company with employee ownership of over 30%.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Creating belongingness

We are a multicultural team of over 700 people led by experienced industry veterans with a single-minded direction on ‘making trade easy’. Our working crowd is a kaleidoscope of diverse cultures from across the world that we recognize, support, and celebrate as they work as a team and bring diverse solutions through endless discussions and conversations.

20Cube's culture encourages and empowers each individual to express ideas by giving individual space for their whole selves.

A Future-Ready & upskilled workforce for a better world

We aspire to be the best in the industry, and we prepare ourselves to become a stronger team, for not only achieving the position but also sustaining it! We are creating the ‘Team of Tomorrow’.

We have conceived and developed technology that is disrupting the logistic space while creating a thriving working environment that is forward-thinking. We truly believe that with our innovative solutions and thoughtful products, we can make our client’s lives less stressful.

Work-Life Balance: Unite passion and profession

At 20Cube, we encourage individuals to prioritize their schedules to create a perfect balance between work & family life. Besides work conversations, our environment is lively with people engaged and involved in various fun activities.

Employees Testimonials