Make Trade Easy

Our Mission

Innovation Beyond Boundaries

At 20Cube, we continuously strive to make our solutions better with each passing day. Starting from the conventional way of global trade, today, we have adopted the latest technologies to disrupt the global trade and logistics supply chain by offering real-time visibility and traceability.
With our digital platform, we are empowering each party to the global logistics business, from buyers, sellers, shippers, and logistics providers to transform their business, to let them grow and innovate.

Leaders who Inspire

Mahesh Niruttan
Founder & CEO
Seetharaman Anand
Co-Founder, CFO
StewartAdrian Schneider-Loos
Chief Executive Officer – GCA

12 Countries

58 Global Locations

44,005 Containers/Yr

5.425 mn sq ft  Warehouse Space

O U R    V I S I O N

To digitalize the logistics platform and stay competitive in a market that is continuously expanding. We aim to simplify your global shipping, customs, warehousing & distribution requirements through digitalization, thus providing you with continuous informative data & insight for making sound business decisions.

Our journey, in a nutshell

Incorporated 20Cube in Singapore

Started Global Operations Hub in Chennai

Acquired five companies and started 9 new international branches

Launched India's domestic Warehouse & Distribution services

Invested in IT capabilities to automate workflows

Raised funding from private equity firms

Launch of MyHub (Intellectual Property), a digital cloud based collaborative application

Acquired multiple clients for MyHub

Expanded warehousing & suppply chain business

Inaugurated new offices in Dubai and Ethiopia

Robust operating model positioned for global expansion

20Cube is operational from 12 countries across 58 locations

The Global Network