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  • Track and trace
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We achieved the digitization of logistics and supply chain processes that provide deeper insights, real-time events alerts, better container utilization, online documents, high visibility and more.

Freight Forwarding Warehousing & Distribution Customs and Compliance MyHubPlus

Freight Forwarding

Ocean Freight

Use our collaborative platform, MyHubPlus to track and trace your shipment while in transit...

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Air Freight

We provide time-efficient logistics solutions. With MyHubPlus, our digital solution, you get...

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Land freight

Our land freight service is dedicated to our global freight forwarding customers. To ensure end-to-end...

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We provide shipment consolidation & multi-country consolidation services to facilitate the movement of...

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Warehousing & Distribution

CCTV advantage

Seamlessly manage your inventory...

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Customized dash...

Get complete warehouse...

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Track and trace

Get visibility of your shipment from ...

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Inv control & mgmt

Easily manage your inventory...

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Route optimization

Optimize the transport routes to...

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Automate docu...

Documents are crucial for the...

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Live vehicle tra...

Track the vehicle from warehouse...

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Customs and Compliance

Customs brokerage & consulting

Our experienced customs agents handle your customs process to minimize risks. Easily upload mandatory...

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Trade compliance

We offer global expertise across tariff and customs law for hassle-free clearance of importe...

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Track your orders from PO to POD. Take complete control over the PO, container, and shipment...

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Real-time alerts

Get notified on more than 25 key milestones as your cargo moves to the destination. Get alerts on each key event...

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Manage Exceptions

Set rules for your supply chain and stay assured that they are followed. Automate your business process and get...

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Control Tower

A live service delivery workflow that monitors all processes and activities against the specified key performance...

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Reports & Analytics

Make meaningful decisions with correct data capture and detailed reports. Export as excel for better...

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Smaller cities become new hubs in the Indian warehousing landscape

Smaller cities become new hubs in the Indian warehousing landscape

Smaller cities become new hubs in the Indian warehousing landscape. India’s warehousing industry is ready to see a new future…
Port-Centric Logistics (PCL) is a newly developed concept wherein the logistics and distribution services are located at the port. This is being seen as an alternative to inland logistic channels comprising distribution centres. The integration of the supply chain has resulted in more optimised systems. The ports are no more just the receiving points. They serve as the hubs for storing goods that are being delivered to different parts of a country. Shifting future of logistics operations Traditionally, the hub-and-spoke model was successful as the logistic networks were not very complex and less congested. The goods were received at the port and transported to the distribution centre and further delivered to the customer. This resulted in inefficient transportation networks that consumed unnecessary time and cost. Through a Port-Centric Logistics model, the goods can be delivered directly from the port warehouses to the customers. The logistics have become more complex with the increasing demand for on-time delivery. All the goods and services are treated as fast-moving products as the urgency has become a norm. This is leading to the need for a Port-Centric Logistics system where ports can serve as the points of storage and not just the points of delivery. Global businesses that need to fulfil just-in-time demands can shorten the long lead-times significantly. Storing domestically consumed goods duty-free at ports can save costs. The transportation costs can also be saved through port-centric logistic setups as the goods do not need to be carried to the inland distribution hubs. In some cases, the port authorities handle the warehousing and logistics which means the availability of land and labour is not the concern of the businesses. The resource management becomes easier and cost-efficient. The logistic areas are near to the terminals, the trucks do not have to cross the city roads that helps in avoiding traffic and saves time. The containers that carry the goods from ports to distribution centres can be emptied and brought back in lesser time in case of port-centric logistics. Thus reducing the reloading time resulting in a streamlined  supply chain. Port-centric logistics also reduces the number of handling stages in a distribution channel which in-turn reduces the chances of mishandling of products. Due to shifting consumer trends and need to be ready for uncertain times like Covid-19, businesses are trying to develop more resilient supply chains. This process includes a number of techniques like dual sourcing, development of regional supply chains and near-shoring. All this is being done to optimise the ‘last mile delivery’. Popularity of Port-Centric Logistics can be attributed to the near-shoring and regional supply chains. Lastly, the Port-Centric Logistics is also helping in lowering the harmful impact on the environment that is being created in the transportation of goods. When every business is trying to embrace net zero carbon emission practices, reducing unnecessary freight miles helps in achieving the same. The future of logistics welcomes new approaches towards such supply chain solutions that are smart and efficient.

Why is the Port-Centric Logistics Model becoming popular?

Port-Centric Logistics (PCL) is a newly developed concept wherein the logistics and distribution services are located at the port. This…
Urgent need for 3PL to work towards achieving carbon-neutrality

Urgent need for 3PL to work towards achieving carbon-neutrality

Many organisations are aiming to become carbon neutral by reducing the carbon footprints through various environment- positive strategies. This means,…
Kaizen a vital tool for supply chain management

Kaizen a vital tool for supply chain management

Any organisation works well and produces desired results in the long term, only when it strives for regular improvement. Basic…