Providing uninterrupted global trade

With a network built around 10 countries, get uninterrupted shipment movement from one international destination to another.
  • 10 countries with 58 locations
  • 67 warehouses globally
  • 44,005 containers Shipment movement per year
  • 5.425 mn Warehouse space
Ensuring transparency and complete control of your shipment through our digital collaborative platform “MyHubPlus”.
  • End-to-end visibility
  • Complete control
  • Real-time alerts
  • 25+ milestones
  • Track and trace
  • Manage by exception

We handle complex problems with ease and provide you with the best solution.

Our success stories

  • Fashion retailer
  • Leading mining company
  • Packer leather
  • Leading retailer

Our Experts

We help you improve fulfilment, reduce inventory and increase compliance

Is Logistics a challenge in your supply chain?

Solutions We Offer

We achieved the digitization of logistics and supply chain processes that provide deeper insights, real-time events alerts, better container utilization, online documents, high visibility and more.

Freight Forwarding Warehousing & Distribution Customs and Compliance MyHubPlus

Freight Forwarding

Ocean Freight

Use our collaborative platform, MyHubPlus to track and trace your shipment while in transit...

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Air Freight

We provide time-efficient logistics solutions. With MyHubPlus, our digital solution, you get...

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Land freight

Our land freight service is dedicated to our global freight forwarding customers. To ensure end-to-end...

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We provide shipment consolidation & multi-country consolidation services to facilitate the movement of...

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Warehousing & Distribution

CCTV advantage

Seamlessly manage your inventory...

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Customized dash...

Get complete warehouse...

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Track and trace

Get visibility of your shipment from ...

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Inv control & mgmt

Easily manage your inventory...

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Route optimization

Optimize the transport routes to...

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Automate docu...

Documents are crucial for the...

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Live vehicle tra...

Track the vehicle from warehouse...

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Customs and Compliance

Customs brokerage & consulting

Our experienced customs agents handle your customs process to minimize risks. Easily upload mandatory...

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Trade compliance

We offer global expertise across tariff and customs law for hassle-free clearance of importe...

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Track your orders from PO to POD. Take complete control over the PO, container, and shipment...

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Real-time alerts

Get notified on more than 25 key milestones as your cargo moves to the destination. Get alerts on each key event...

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Manage Exceptions

Set rules for your supply chain and stay assured that they are followed. Automate your business process and get...

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Control Tower

A live service delivery workflow that monitors all processes and activities against the specified key performance...

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Reports & Analytics

Make meaningful decisions with correct data capture and detailed reports. Export as excel for better...

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