Ease Freight Forwarding Process by Australian Trusted Trader

Australian Trusted Trader Accreditation

One accreditation. Several benefits.

Get recognised as an international trusted-trader.

Save Money & Time

You get priority processing within Australia for all your imports & exports. This will reduce red-tapism & ease the customs clearance process.

Origin advance ruling

Origin Advance ruling benefits importers to request a single, advance ruling for all their goods which meets the rules of origin & consignment.

Reserve A Seat

Get an exclusive invite to the annual ATT symposium which provides an opportunity to meet Home Affairs & Australian Border executives.

Reduced Intervention at Borders

Mutual recognition arrangements is a binding treaty signed between Australia & other countries to expedite the flow of cargo in and out of Australia.

Access to an Account Manager

You will have access to an Account manager in the Australian Border Force officer who will update you with information relevant to your business.

Monthly Cargo Data

Every month, you get an email from your account manager to brief you upon the total number of imports & exports done under your Australian Business Number.

Trusted Trader Program: Why is it important for my business?

With the Trusted Trader Program (TTP) you will be able to receive the following trade facilitation benefits, which will make your
supply chain smooth and easier to manage:

  • Less intervention from the Customs
  • Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRAs) enable faster customs processing in overseas countries
  • Reduce Red-tapism at the borders
  • Monthly import and export reports.
  • An opportunity to meet Dedicated Home affairs & Australian border force (ABF) advisory executive
  • Dedicated ABF account manager
  • Use of the ATT logo
  • Faster processing of your APEC business travel card application
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Our Achievements

Facilitating accreditation with our expertise.

Australian Trusted Trader accreditation to 20cube by ABF professionals

ABF has certified 20Cube as an Australian Trusted Trader

The Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) accredits traders/service providers who satisfy the eligibility conditions fixed by the Australian Border Force (ABF). With 28 years of experience in assisting traders in their imports and exports, 20Cube has obtained their accreditation from ABF. 20Cube Logistics in Australia can provide professional services to importers and exporters to assist them with their ATT applications & also in the Australian cities like Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney.

Our Team

Neil Macgroarty – 20Cube Team Member, posing for a photograph.

Neil Macgroarty

Worked as a customs broker and Director of Sales and Marketing for over 35 years,I’ve been able to provide the best advice and support for my clients who are aspiring to become a part of the Australian trusted trader program.
Warren Kerby – 20Cube Team Member, posing for a photograph

Warren Kerby

With expertise in customs clearance&International logistics,I’m able to provide an apt solution for all customs-related problems for my clients and ensure that they get an easy accreditation under the ATT program.
Leanne Slattery – 20Cube Team Member, posing for a photograph

Leanne Slattery

Over 25 years of experience in customs clearance,operations management,sales,export,freight forwarding,and supply chain management.Experienced Team Leader and Licenced Customs Broker.Holds Certificate IV in International Trade from St.George Tafe.