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Shipping freight across Australia and worldwide.
We are available 24*7 in 10 countries including 50+ Locations.

20Cube Logistics Pty. Ltd.

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Our Unique Services Designed For You

Sea and Air Freight

Sea & Air Freight

A trusted name among the freight forwarders Melbourne, we offer digital solutions to all your shipping needs. We offer sea and air freight expertise from over 50 locations across the globe.
Customs Broker and Consultant

Customs Broker & Consultant

With our Customs experts by your side, you need not worry. We offer you smooth and hassle-free freight forwarding by handling paperwork and Customs clearance.
Offshore Distribution Center

Offshore Distribution Centre

Our offshore warehousing distribution facilities in Hong Kong & Port Klang, Malaysia brings you the best storage facility at a single place, where you save over 20% on DC costs and also avail the benefits of multi-country consolidation and direct-to-store delivery.
We keep you ahead

How good it would be if you are abreast at all times on where you consignment is? We at 20Cube offer you this service with our smart portal ‘MyHub’ that has been designed keeping in mind our customers’ experiences. With MyHub portal, we offer you live status updates of your consignment through WebAPI, email or EDI notifications even when not logged in. Our updates help our customers take timely decision on various logistics activities.

Smart way to business

With just a click of a button you are made aware of the status of your consignment that would leave enough time at your disposal to concentrate on essential objectives of your business. The introduction of MyHub portal has helped our clients in supply chain process and with special features like “Vendor Management” the customers can easily oversee the shipping process right from purchase order to delivery.

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Transparency in supply chain process

At 20Cube Logistics, we ensure that our customers have a tab on their consignment through ‘Smart Track’ feature in MyHub. With this feature the process has been simplified wherein the customers can oversee the supply chain process and get updates on key events from purchase order to delivery of the commodity.

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Eradication of hidden costs

With the introduction of MyHub, 20Cube Logistics offers transparency in each step of the process. With clients sharing the complete information of the purchase order including the incoterms, product quantity etc., the process of monitoring of cargo starts and it becomes easy to validate what cargo is booked against the defined business rules. The customers have control over approvals and request bookings with the vendor and this is just one of the exceptions provided by 20Cube. As soon as the system identifies and registers the exceptions overtime, a vendor scorecard is created thus help identifying and reducing the indirect/hidden costs in the supply chain.

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Shipment management streamlined

Our well-designed digital portal “MyHub” is a one-stop destination to track and get in-depth information on the shipment. With MyHub portal, there has been a tremendous reduction in paper work. Thorough tracking can be done by the customers online with respect to vendor compliance levels, supply chain efficiency and much more.

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Container management simplified

The feature ‘Import Container Management’ on MyHub allows a detailed visibility of arriving containers at the destination, enabling the customers to make further arrangements accordingly and reduce major direct costs on storage of consignment. In addition, it also display the details of cargo availability key dates, storage, estimated / actual delivery and much more.

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We deliver your requirement

Every industry is unique and so is their freight forwarding requirement, we are the best freight forwarder Australia who understand and impeccably take care of the requirement. Few of the industries we cater to:

  • Retail
  • eCommerce
  • Engineering
  • Mining
  • Automobiles
  • Chemical
  • Dangerous Goods

A reputed name among the transport companies Melbourne, we ensure a hassle-free cargo movement from purchase order to last mile delivery to our customers.

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Our expertise is our forte!

A trusted name in the freight forwarding & Customs Broker Melbourne, 20Cube is engaged in technology driven logistics. With 28 years of expertise in freight forwarding, we aim to make digitalization attainable for every customer for tracking their consignment from the purchase order to the end delivery. With our extensive knowledge, we ensure a seamless process to assist our customers in all freight forwarding and customs services.

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Our Team