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How 3PL can reduce your logistic costs

Hiring a 3PL service provider could be the best decision for a business today! 3PL services can help you save logistic cost and…
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Network Design in supply Chain

Supply chain Network Design can be explained as the strategic planning of the supply chain in order to measure the cost and the…
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Role of good communication in modern warehouse

"Warehouses are complex structures that need to be co-ordinated well. Active communication becomes crucial to maximise operational output." Challenges faced The traditional warehousing…
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5 Gaps often over-looked while ameliorating the customer experience

Customer expectations have gone much ahead of product quality and features like convenience, personalisation and privacy have become equally important. Hence, customer -…
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Mapping a digital future for India’s Logistic sector

Digitalisation in every sector has fostered the development of better procedures and concepts. Logistics in India is one of the sectors that has…
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Gear up for automotive aftermarket – The ins and outs of the supply chain

The automotive aftermarket is the industry dealing into the automotive products and services that are availed by the customers after the purchase of…
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Walking Ramp in Air

Fashion industry is associated with a lot of glitz and glamor. What one wears, how one wears becomes an extension of an individual’s…
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Super Charged: Electric Vehicles in the Modern Supply Chain

Technological advancements have seen the logistics industry flourish. Manual tasks can now be done either online or completely autonomously. These advancements have seen…
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Modern Freight Forwarding – A Comprehensive Guide

The significance of the role of a logistics manager can never be overstated, yet always remains unnoticed. In fact, the only time it…
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Fuel Prices & Freight Forwarding Shipping Rates: Understanding the Relation

Logistics costs in large part are determined by the underlying price of fuel. Over the past decade, fuel costs have dramatically increased, which…
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