Warehouse Geared To Make Sales Order To Dispatch TAT

GST! GST! GST! Is Reality Now So Improve your order to dispatch TAT!

Yes; GST roll out in India and finally one Way Bill across states is demanding to improve order to dispatch TAT.
20Cube a unique 3PL experience leveraging people + technology to deliver supply chain value in ways you never imagined. We have warehouse geared to make sales order to dispatch TAT.

Sales order to dispatch TAT is having certain events and activities which are essentials at every stage to make dispatch happen in exactitude farm.

Our Warehouse Management Services supports and validates all these imbibed services with great precision. Activities are break down with definite TAT like getting an order to generative picklist is having 10 minutes subject to 10 line items vice versa picking takes the time of 15 minutes to pick 10 line items.

Any activity which is not meeting its TAT, Warehouse Management Services gives alert and i.e. is broadcasted to a customer in a live environment.

Readiness to meet TAT starts from pre-alert and end at handing over the cargo to the shippers.

You no need to waste your precious time and energy (Health) in never-ending coordination to get the material delivered.

We recognized the importance of warehousing and have state of the art design and are equipped with the latest technologies. Services can be scaled and customized according to customer’s needs, based on market conditions, demands and delivery service requirements for their products.

So improve your TAT with #Transparency #Visibility # Improved Customer Satisfaction # Profitability.
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