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Real Time alerts of key events

As part of the insights provided by MyHub, more than 25 key milestones are able to be monitored. With Smart Track, 20Cube goes well beyond the industry norms to give you up to the minute email or WebAPI or EDI notifications when key events happen. This means you can be kept informed even when you’re not logged into MyHub. These events are updated with the help of our custom designed workflow software that drives compliance across the supply chain.

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Smart Track - MyHub

Keep track of products

As a proactive measure to assist customers with managing a chain of vendors abroad, Vendor Management is an active intervention program, where 20Cube manages vendors within the specifications set by the customer and communicated in their Purchase Order files with SKU / Product search. Vendor Management monitors progress of a customer’s order, from issue of the Purchase Order until final delivery, carrying the widest range of fixed milestones and optional milestones, covering almost every aspect of a sophisticated modern supply chain.

Feedback is focused on all the key decision points of an Origin Cargo Management control process, offering active `trigger points` where 20Cube is empowered to take appropriate pre-planned actions. Because of this, performance metrics and milestone information are at their highest level.

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Smart Track - MyHub

True end to end visibility up to 24 Tailored milestones

MyHub provides industry leading visibility from order to delivery via its Smart Track module. In Smart Track a user can monitor estimated and actual details for a given purchase order, shipment or container. From the moment a purchase order is entered into the system, the customer can see every detail from the supplier follow up program, bookings, estimated and actual shipping schedule all the way through arrival and delivery. The information in MyHub is updated live in real time from a range of sources including 20Cube’s internal process management system.

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Supplier Followup Engine - MyHub

Vendor Compliance Automated

Once an order is placed upon a vendor, both parties agree upon an estimated date for the goods to be ready, or depending on terms, shipped on board or arrived into store at destination. Based on this expected date, the customer plans his forward inventory and estimated stock quantity available for distribution. With many aspects of design, production and packaging potentially impacting on the expected lead time, 20Cube has built a system to help re-forecast the planned ready date once these variables have been identified. This system is known as Supplier Follow Up. Based on agreed business rules with the customer, 20Cube will generate an automated communication to the vendor, requesting them to update the MyHub system with the revised information.

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Exception Engine - MyHub

Manage by Exception, save time, save money

When a customer shares their purchase order data, it gives 20Cube the ability to not only monitor the cargo readiness, but to engage in compliance management as well. If a customer shares the full order information, including Incoterms, product/SKU and quantities, then 20Cube is able to validate what cargo is booked against defined business rules. The MyHub system communicates any exceptions to the customer at destination, and the customer can approve or request the vendor to amend their booking. These exceptions can be tracked and reported on over time, creating a vendor scorecard to help identify and reduce indirect costs in the supply chain.

Report - MyHub

Elevate your supply chain reporting with custom analytics

20Cube recognises the benefit in identifying opportunities for improvement in the supply chain with the use of innovative reporting and analysis. The power of MyHub’s detailed tracking and exception management capabilities provides the base for our reporting tools. Deep insights can be given into vendor compliance levels, supply chain efficiency and more.

Cockpit - MyHub

Be in control of container utilisation

As part of the Online Booking system, the customer is able to direct an approved booking to be consolidated with other cargo at origin to form a Buyers Consolidation. The feature, called Hold for Consol, improves container utilisation and optimises the freight cost. With the click of a button, the customer directs 20Cube to receive the cargo from the vendor, and hold the goods in our warehouse pending receipt of other shipments for the same destination. Optimised container load plans are prepared and the shipments are packed together to maximise the available space in each container.

Smart Track - MyHub

Reduce indirect costs

Reducing indirect costs in the supply chain is a key requirement in today’s competitive world. One area in which 20Cube has focused our expertise is in better managing of the delivery and return of shipping containers on arrival at destination. Consignee’s have limited time in which to take delivery of containers, unload the cargo and return the empty containers to the dehire station before incurring additional charges. The Import Container Management feature in MyHub provides detailed visibility of containers arriving into port including key dates for cargo availability, storage, estimated & actual delivery, free time remaining, requested & actual dehire. Also in this screen, customers are able to request deliveries and notify empty containers for return. This helps the customer to avoid costly wharf storage charges for late collection, and minimise demurrage fees for late return of the empty containers.

Smart Track - MyHub

Transparent Billing

Documentation plays a critical role in the entire supply chain process and managing this can be quite cumbersome and time consuming. 20Cube’s MyHub system captures shipment related documentation from booking stage and throughout the supply chain. Documents are tagged to purchase order, shipment and container for ease of reference, and available for download from MyHub in their native format. 20Cube invoices are also available for download from MyHub

Smart Track - MyHub

Monitor your inventory instantly.

View Inventory, goods received and despatched from our warehouses displayed online and updated in real time. Search by SKU, Order or timeframe to keep abreast of warehouse operations and stock movements.

Smart Track - MyHub

Need to check on your goods? View live in MyHub

With CCTV you can see your own physical inventory at any time, without the need to leave your office. Dedicated camera's enable us to show you your goods, and no-one else's so your security is guaranteed.

Smart Track - MyHub

We run LEAN warehouses

The 5S's Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, Sustain are part of everything we do in our warehouses. Just because something works, does not mean it can't be done better. At 20Cube we strive to improve our processes and procedures every single day.

DNA - 20Cube Central Unit

Our Global Team works 24 hours a day

20Cube’s Digital Nerve Action Centre - fondly known as The DNA, is the centralised knowledge processing and business processing operations centre for the 20Cube group. Based in Chennai, India, the DNA centre operates on a 24/7 schedule, running three shifts to meet the demand of the 20Cube network across time zones and geographies. The DNA handles operational and financial functions for all 20Cube offices. They have achieved ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, and with more than 110 people processing over 25,000 transactions per month. Within the 20Cube group, its objective is to provide advantages for our operations model by focusing on quality, enhance turnaround time, 24/7 capability, time zone differences and process-driven activity. In recent times the DNA has started to assist the 3PL and warehousing divisions of the group as well. The advantage of having such an operation is that it gives the branches more time to spend with the clients, thus enhancing the experience of 20Cube customer experience.
eCube - Internal Operations Workflow system

We count on our processes to deliver consistency

We use custom Business Process Management software throughout our business to guide our staff so you can rely on us. Warehouse stocktake, inbound receipts and outbound despatches are all tracked and actively managed through our system.

CTTV - Branch Monitoring Television

Service delivery is maintained with our live control tower

By utilising workflow software as the base, 20Cube have developed a Control Tower application that sits at the heart of our business driving compliance and identifying areas for improvement. This capability can be extended to our customers with the use of customised workflows allowing the customer to join us in journey towards supply chain excellence. The Control Tower monitors all processes and activities within 20Cube against configured Key Performance Indicators. Each activity is displayed in the Control Tower along with the current status of relevant open tasks and their details.

We work with our customers to understand their evolving needs