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Carbon emissions up as ships reroute from Red Sea to Cape

Xeneta, the freight analytics consultancy has reported that its CEI, which measures emissions per tonne of cargo shipped across 13 key trades, reached a peak…
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Shipowners appreciate the 40% production benchmark for clean shipping fuels in Europe

European shipowners have welcomed the addition of clean fuels, such as advanced biofuels and e-fuels, to the list of net-zero technologies approved by the European…
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The arrival of bigger ships at Chattogram Port quickens up cargo delivery, reduces transit time & cost

The Chattogram Port, Bangladesh's primary seaport, has experienced a surge in container and cargo handling, despite a decrease in the number of ship arrivals. This…
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Milk Run Logistics: A Sustainable Solution for Reducing Carbon Emissions

Milk Run Logistics: A Sustainable Solution for Reducing Carbon Emissions?

In supply chain logistics, an organisation is always on the lookout for new methods to optimise and streamline the logistics operations while transferring consignment from…
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Cargo ship run aground on rocky shore

Navigating General Average: Understanding Risks and Safeguards in Maritime Ventures

General Average (GA), a cornerstone of maritime law, traces its origins back thousands of years, embodying the principle of shared responsibility amidst perilous voyages. All…
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Multiple green shipping corridor initiatives on the rise

Since member states reached an agreement at the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) headquarters in London to accelerate shipping's environmental goals, the proliferation of what are…
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Shipping dangerous goods

Shipping dangerous goods? Here’s 20Cube Logistics to bail you out!

Shipping consignment is always a challenge, but when it is classified as dangerous or hazardous, it adds another layer of…

7 Important types of shipping containers you should know about

Every year around 11 billion tons of goods are transported through ships. From 1931 to the present day, a great…
Green Warehousing a trend or a need

Green Warehousing, a trend or a need?

What is the need for introducing green solutions? Supply chains account for 80% of the greenhouse gas emission and impact…
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What does a customs broker do? Why are they indispensable?

Businesses utilise several types of organisations to assist them in navigating the lengthy process of transporting products across borders. Freight…
What is the difference between a freight forwarder and a customs broker

What is the difference between a freight forwarder and a customs broker?

Importers must work with a customs broker to clear a consignment for import. They can provide insight and direction as…
Effective ways to find good freight forwarder companies in Brisbane - Australia

Effective ways to find a good freight forwarding company in Brisbane – Australia?

Selecting the ideal freight forwarder for international or domestic freight forwarding is of similar importance to selecting a business partner.…