Transforming Last Mile Delivery with Digital Technology

  • December 14, 2018
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The rapid evolution of technology in the logistics industry is ushering demand for last mile delivery. Large e-commerce and start-ups have begun to take action in accordance with speedy delivery demands from customers.
Last-mile delivery is the movement of goods from a transportation hub to the final delivery destination. The process also ensures that demanded goods are delivered to customers without further delay. Recently, e-commerce and the retail industry have been under high push and pressure to stock up demanded goods. Buyers including many new entrants are now adapting to new cost-effective and transparent technologies which can solve their distribution issues. Why are buyers in need of last mile delivery? They need a way to keep track of their stocks and assurance that materials are brought on-schedule from the manufacturers.

It’s a maneuvering task to develop an application that can track your goods during last mile delivery. Digital logistics company can offer applications for tracking processes like your inbound and outbound, data on stocks and much more. Due to these factors, there has been a surge in the number of retailers opting for digital logistics companies. When you have a manufacturer from overseas, you will require a digital freight forwarding agency, capable of providing end-to-end visibility with:

> Minute to Minute Updates

We are in a highly competitive environment, packed with tons of choices for customers: for this reason, its best to stay above their expectations. To do so, you will have to consult an appropriate freight agency for providing the necessary technologies and 3PL services. An ideal service provider will help with the following:
– Better Warehouse Management System (WMS) for Stock Optimisation
– Pick and pack services from warehouse to store/port
– Customs clearance for origin and destination
– Indirect cost reduction from wharf storage charges and demurrage fees
– Distribution via air/sea to the destination

> Efficient decision-making for minimizing costs

Many times buyers opt for offshore warehousing because of a higher cost of managing domestic inventory. Offshore warehousing facilities minimize your costs and maximize your investments in product marketing. You will need to ensure that you can keep track of your purchase order: whether demanded products are delivered, stocks are in inventory, and so on. This will be costly if taken on by yourself – it’s recommended you choose freight forwarders with expertise in transparent offshore warehousing and cost-efficient analysis.
20Cube Logistics also provide offshore warehousing services. To know more about our offshore warehousing services, click here.

Nowadays, a huge influx of potential buyers is outsourcing their projects to freight forwarding and 3PL providers who also engage in last mile delivery. However, many are still skeptic about choosing freight forwarders due to process transparency issues. The discussion ultimately narrows down to whether they can get the goods within time to customers. Opting for tech-savvy service providers enables them to track their goods, thus putting buyers at ease throughout the process.
Through technological transparency, 20Cube strive to deliver cost-efficient 3PL, freight and transportation services. You will gain better market access, cost-efficient management, inventory control, transparent SKU, and more.
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