Advantages of IT in Logistics

  • April 26, 2018
  • Blog

Information Technology (IT) has given many sectors a new lifeline helping them to step up to the challenges of the tech-savvy generations. IT in logistics has and will continue to bring about several operational transformations which are a step towards digital logistics.

Changes brought by IT in Logistics:

  • Usage of Data: Computer-based information systems are used to collect information, process it, and make the management process more efficient and effective.
  • More Efficiency: IT has helped in availing information and using it to coordinate the different stages of shipping and supply chain management, thus making the process much more efficient. The paper-based information system which is much slower and ineffective is getting replaced with the help of IT in Logistics.

IT in Logistics Management:

  • Warehouse Facility Data: Warehouse facilities collect data about every item that is stored by them. This data can be used by companies to study consumer behavior and seasonal fluctuations and to improve future service.
  • Scanning and Bar Coding: This system helps an organization with regards to information about each & every item that is being moved every day and helps in inventory management.
  • Tracking and Controlling: With the help of IT in Logistics, every item that is shipped around the world can be tracked at each stage. Because of this, problems with delivery or dispatching can be caught at the root and service can be made more efficient.

Benefits of IT towards Efficient Digital Logistics:

  • Communication becomes more streamlined, thus simplifying management functions
  • Glitches can be recognized easily and solutions can be devised and implemented
  • IT magnifies the control of the customer over the shipping process, thus increasing customer satisfaction
  • Data collected by IT can be analyzed to improve service and also to predict trends and fluctuations

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