5 Benefits of 20Cube Digital Logistics Services

We are entering an era of unprecedented change with digital technologies as logistics service providers are developing more collaborative applications which are both transparent and cost-efficient. The leading logistics companies understood the necessity of providing a digital platform where the buyer and the seller can sit back and watch.

Digital Logistics Technology

Using such a digital platform might sound complicated to starters, but it’s simple if you give a try. These digital platforms also tend to provide real-time information, competitive prices, and flawless service along with transparency. There is a steady increase in the number of buyers opting services for digital logistics companies which can provide both 3PL & freight forwarding.

When they are outsourcing it to a leading digital logistics provider, they get an opportunity to expand their business model. Today, we are having various digital logistics players, but only a few can provide the customized digital application as per the demand of the customer. 20Cube is one of the few organizations to provide their clients with customized digital logistics service. We have built a digital platform MyHub, which can provide a one-stop solution to our clients.

Get Real-time alerts
Our digital application MyHub has an in-built feature called the smart track, which works as smart as it sounds. You don’t need to log in to MyHub once you are registered as the software is created to provide you minute-to-minute update via e-mail, Web API or EDI notifications.

Vendor Management
If your vendor is in abroad, you don’t need to get tense if the demanded Purchase order will be delivered on time or not. Our Vendor management ensures that the scheduled process is followed from the Purchase order till the time of delivery and you can keep a watch through our MyHub platform.

Reduce Indirect Costs
We ensure that the indirect costs are completely reduced as you can better manage the delivery and return of shipping containers on arrival at destination. The Import Container Management feature in MyHub will ensure that you need not worry about wharf storage charges for late collection, and also minimize demurrage fees for late return of the empty containers.

Transparent Billing
You get all the documentation files in one touch, our Myhub system captures shipment related documentation from the booking stage and throughout the supply chain. You can get the files at any point of time after logging in into MyHub. This information from the MyHub platform is 100% secured and accessed by the registered user.

24 hours Back-end-Service
We have a specialized team known as the DNA – Digital Nerve Action Centre which provides our client with 24/7 assistance.

Additionally, our clients are provided with an add-on feature which lets them customize the MyHub application. They can add or remove the services from our digital platform which is not provided by any other logistics service provider. This is provided to ensure that the demand of each and every client is resolved.

To know more about our services please visit: https://www.20cube.com/why20Cube.html

With many benefits from Digitization like real-time alerts, vendor management, indirect costs reduction, transparent billing and more; clients tend to prefer digital logistics company as compared to a traditional logistics company.

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