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Save more than 20% in indirect costs using our Digital logistics solution

20Cube Logistics, Your Trusted Partner in International Freight Forwarding & Customs Clearance

With 28 years of experience in freight forwarding, customs clearance, & customs consultancy, 20Cube Logistics provides their customers with transparency & visibility through digital application “MyHub”. With the application, we are able to provide you with a cost-efficient way of transporting your goods helping you to save more than 20% of the total cost.

We are the first Global Freight Forwarding agency in Sydney to provide customized services in Air and Sea Freight. With our Digital App MyHub, you can optimize the necessary components you need from the application which will make your freight simplified. Our digital application is built in a way to provide you minute-to-minute update, 24 hours back-end solution, managing exceptions and more.

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At 20Cube logistics, we help you end-to-end with:

We are a certified Australian Trusted trader as we provide our customers with top-notch service in Supply Chain Management using Technology.

  • Sea freight
  • Air freight
  • Consolidation Management
  • Offshore Warehouse
  • Customs clearance and consultation

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Fully loaded cargo ship with black and orange color combination running on the sea

Sea Freight Sydney

As leading Global Freight forwarders in Australia, we are experts in imports & exports from India, China, Hong Kong, Japan & the United States. We ensure that our clients get the best forwarding services as we prioritize providing safe, efficient and cost-effective transport for your goods. Our smart digital application will avoid costly wharf storage charges for late collection, and minimize demurrage fees for late return of the empty containers.

Our digital app MyHub ensures that our clients can download all the documents, from purchase order, shipment, and container for ease of reference in their native format. On the flipside, our ocean freight experts not only ensure smooth flow of cargo but also make sure that you benefit from our customer-oriented services.

  • We have a complete knowledge on the process of documentation especially for the emerging markets.
  • We consolidate multiple consignments into one via global LCL network.
  • We provide cost-effective transportation services and minimise indirect taxes
  • Customers can select their own carrier which fits their business needs

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Red and white color combined air cargo is getting loaded with freight

Air freight Sydney

As time is crucial for you, our digital app will provide you with 24/7 information on the moment of your cargo. Apart from that, we are experts in time-definite shipments which allows us to make the best use of our air transportation services to meet your tight deadlines. This is just one of the many ways in which our air freight solutions help your business soar.

  • We have Multi-modal Transport Operator (MTO) service for both air-sea and sea-air combinations
  • With our Peak Season Charters, you get an uninterrupted transportation for domestic & International trade corridors.
  • We closely supervise the loading and unloading of cargo

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Blue uniformed worker inside a delivery van, giving a parcel to the distributing agent

Consolidation Management & Groupage Services

Most of the buyers are having multiple vendors in overseas nations but they face constraints in managing them. But with our digital application, we encapsulate both the Buyers Consolidation and Groupage services in one app which provides you with the ability to achieve economies of scale along with enhanced cargo security and simplified processes.

  • We consolidate multiple consignments in one container
  • We provide cost-efficient door-to-door services for LCL shipments with competitive transit times and outstanding schedule reliability
  • You can select your own carriers which fits your business needs perfectly

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Larger offshore warehouse in Sydney filled with boxed packages

Offshore Warehouse, Save more than 20% cost

As the buyers have to pay higher for domestic inventory, 20Cube provides you with a customized solution in 3PL offshore services with advanced Warehousing Management System [WMS]. If you have multiple suppliers from multiple countries, then 20Cube is the perfect freight forwarder for you as we provide cost-efficient offshore warehousing facilities in Japan and Port Klang, Malaysia. The major reason for preferring these countries for warehousing is due to the fact that they provide duty-free storage and minimizes your labor cost.

If you take our service, you can save more than 20% cost in warehousing & transportation. Along with this, we provide Pick & Pack service & directly to Port/store service. Our digital warehousing Management system ensures that the stocks are in place to ensure that there are no last minute delays in supplying the demanded goods.

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Infographics Image showing a professional, choosing customs department

Customs broker & Consultant

Do not worry with the constantly changing customs legislation, our expert team who are up-to-date with the changing trends will ensure that the obstacles in customs are completely eradicated. Our Customs Broker ensures that there are no delays in customs clearance and reduces the unnecessary costs of your business. Our Customs Consultancy service provides you with in-depth knowledge on proper tariffs, free trade agreements, Australian Border Force regulations, and import duty drawbacks.

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