Why Small Businesses Should Consider Using Freight Forwarders

  • January 6, 2022
  • Blog

Small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises make up more than 90% of the Australian economy. Shipping is a concern for nearly all of them. However, many SMBs and SMEs assume that working with a freight forwarder in Australia is reserved for large, international corporations.
SMBs and SMEs can and should leverage the power of 3PL and freight-forwarding to reduce shipping costs, streamline their customer service and scale their operations. As one of the leading digital freight forwarders in Australia, 20Cube Logistics, provides tailored 3PL services for SMBs. Read on to discover the process and benefits of upgrading to professional freight forwarding services.

What is 3PL?

3PL is an acronym for third-party logistics. This service allows companies to outsource part or all their logistics requirements to a company like 20Cube. As a full-service 3PL provider, 20Cube oversees and manages all the logistics operations and the entire supply chain. For SMBs, this means that you outsource your supply chain management, warehousing, freight consolidation and order fulfilment to a specialist company that can streamline the whole process.

How Can Digital Freight Forwarders Help a Small Business?

Outsourcing supply chain management to a 3PL provider ensures that SMBs have their logistics under control. Professional freight forwarding services reduce stress on the client, provide better processes for customers and stakeholders, and save you money in the long run.

Save Time and Money

One of the biggest misconceptions about working with a professional freight forwarding company is that logistics are more expensive. The truth is quite the opposite. Digital freight forwarders like 20Cube leverage their networks to consolidate freight and reduce shipping costs.
Furthermore, you get more for your money with logistics technology. The MyHub portal gives you end-to-end visibility of the entire shipping process. You can track shipments and inventory and communicate with stakeholders and customers about the status in real-time.

Access Additional Freight Options

Freight forwarding companies also give your SMB access to a vast array of freight options and shipping routes that wouldn’t be available to SMBs handling logistics in-house. You get to offload the responsibilities of logistics and supply chain management to a company that can seamlessly handle distribution and shipping.

Solutions for Scaling

When it’s time for your SMB to scale operations or its customer base internationally, having solid logistics processes already in place makes scalability easy. 20Cube has 50 locations in 10 countries globally and 11 offices in India, so there are already facilities and people in place to handle your logistics operations globally. If your SMB is exporting goods across the border, 20Cube can handle customs clearance too.

Gain Valuable Customs Knowledge

20Cube has Licensed Customs Brokers that can facilitate full customs clearance and undertake a number of important roles. They can ensure that all goods are declared accurately, identify tariff classifications, prepare relevant documentation, manage quarantine processes, and lodge import declarations. This can help your SMB streamline logistics and reduce costs.

Tailored Shipping Solutions for Small Businesses

Whether your SMB is scaling operations or reducing your cost-basis on logistics, working with a 3PL provider is a proven solution to achieve both.
To learn more about digital freight forwarding and supply chain management for your SMB, set up a consultation with 20Cube.