Reasons to Choose 3PL Providers for Your Business

  • February 4, 2021
  • Blog

Sometimes back companies prefer to have in-house warehousing for their products as they can have control over all the activities. If the business is small or medium-sized then it works well but a conglomerate who has business across the border with regular orders can store goods in his warehouse, but due to the heavy flow of inventory, he might like to choose a 3PL to reduce some part of the job off his head. Having a warehouse can also be time-consuming for a bigger organization as they need to spend time concentrating on the core competencies of the business, rather than spending time on distribution.

Why a 3PL partnership is a good bet?

Businesses can greatly benefit from engaging 3PL partners who are experts and know their job well. This will also give time to the company as they don’t have to rack their heads on petty matters after delegating the responsibility to a 3PL. Also, it cuts back on business costs and contributes to the delivery of the market expansion.20Cube Warehousing and Logistics service have been in the business for almost 10 years and have delivered its best to gain happy customers. With 3PL partners at the forefront, it helps the business spend more time making informed decisions while it carries on the job of storing and distributing goods and providing the best customer service.

 Reasons to have a 3PL partner

Welcoming a third-party partner allows for optimizing core competencies
To grow a business to its potential in the rapidly growing market, it needs time; energy, resources, and finances to be concentrated on the core competencies.
The ancillary jobs like managing inventory, shipping, warehousing, and distribution take away a business time that could otherwise be invested in growing the business. With this distributed focus the business cannot be made successfully and it may affect its progress.
 It’s always better to push the ancillary work into good hands who know the process of warehousing and distribution and can handle large volumes seamlessly. Hence, it’s a smart decision to partner with a reputable third-party logistics company.
Adding a third-party logistics reduces capital commitment
Shifting logistics processes to a 3PL partner can help businesses with low capital commitment, and avoid large investments. The 3PL partners have the ready-built infrastructure for storing goods, equipment, modern technologies, and a professional team to handle the orders smoothly. A 3PL partner takes care of the operating costs and a business does not have to spend on these overheads.
 Engaging third-party logistics lead to overall cost savings
 Why is a 3PL partner engaged? To lower the operational costs of the business. With a 3PL logistics partner on board, a business can make significant savings. How? If a business has a warehouse it has to take care of hiring employees to take care of the process. With that, there will be an extra effort on billing, payroll, and other admin activities. In addition, the business has to spend on modern warehouse equipment and logistics software.  These costs can be easily reduced when partnering with a 3PL.
Scalability – Efficiently handle volume peaks and fluctuating demand
 A 3PL logistics company understands the market well and can make amendments as and when required to manage priority distribution during peak demands. 20Cube warehousing team is completely equipped to handle any situation, even last-minute order distributions.
 3PL partner provides a business an opportunity to expand its base
 If all the warehousing and logistics supply chain processes are delegated to the 3PL partner, then the business will have enough time in hand to understand the market, research, and start making plans for expansion into new regions. 3PL logistics allows a business to expand in areas that are physically impossible to reach by a business on its own accord.
 With a 3PL partner on board, a business can thrive by concentrating on its core competencies and meeting the market demand. Also, it helps reduce their operational cost which can be thus invested in much important research that benefits the business.