Why packaging plays a pivotal role in logistics?

  • October 29, 2019
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Packaging is an ever-evolving process. It’s no longer the old simple cardboard boxes but is a complex, coordinated system ensuring that the consignment can move safely and effectively without any damage throughout the supply chain movement. today, almost all the warehouses in India are providing such value-add like boxing, packing, quality checks, etc. 
According to Per Engelseth’s thesis on ‘The core role of packages in a logistics network’, “The basic objective of logistics is concerned with the provision of goods to an end-user and four main activities are involved in this provision of goods. They may be classified as materials handling, transport, storage and production.”
With new trends coming up every day in logistics, it has a major impact on the packaging producers and consumers. They have to keep on planning & innovating to craft a packaging system to sustain and help logistics companies to optimise their operations.

Packaging in international logistics

In the international supply chain, a consignment travels a long distance, from one country to another. As soon as they are shipped, one can have control over what happens to it. The quality of the packaging here plays an important role as it has a direct correlation with the condition of the items in the consignment when they arrive at the final delivery point. The long journey might have many transshipment points also, where the consignments are loaded and unloaded again.
In such a case, choosing the right kind of packaging certainly helps the consignment to be intact and also helps in cost-cutting, irrespective of transportation type.
The packaging manufacturers, if they make it uniquely for carriers and logistic companies, will be pocket-friendly for the customer also. If the freight forwarder does not have the packaging that is regulatory compliance in the destination country, then you can go through possible rejection at the port of entry, hence it is important that packaging is an important factor that will help make logistics easy to international destinations. 

Security of packaging

Packaging and protection go hand in hand. Generally, overpacking the products is never a solution as it increases the cost, however, ensure that the packaging used protects against spillage, unauthorized entry and rough handling. Delivering the consignment intact is the best way to make an impression with customers and business partners around the world. Damaged consignments bring relationship risks that a business can’t afford. 

Standardised packaging

Many packaging options are available in the market, but few might not be acceptable in the international market. For example, Pallets are used across the world, but few countries like the EU have stringent guidelines when it comes to phytosanitary measures. 
It’s necessary that before shipping a consignment, always get to know the accepted packing guidelines of the final destination to make the movement of cargo easier and hassle-free. 20Cube logistics keeps a tab on the updations and requirements to be at the forefront of the logistics industry.