Value Added Services That A 3PL Provider Can Offer

  • January 25, 2018
  • Blog

Nowadays, the traditional services offered by 3PL companies in India are no longer enough.
Here are some VAS when provided by 3PL provider then leads to increase in flexibility and service quality:

  • Packaging: Includes packing the goods into cartons or containers according to specific requirements of clients.
  • Assembly: It is done when some products are shipped as unassembled parts in order to make the transportation more convenient and cheaper.
  • Bagging or Kitting: Refers to combining a number of separate but related items and putting them together in one kit.
  • Shrink Wrapping: It can be used to wrap multiple or individual products and can be of varying types and qualities.
  • Store Ready Packing: This type of packing is done to make any goods ready to be displayed in the store.

Benefits of VAS from 3PL providers:  

  • High Quality Service: Since the 3PL provider employs experts who are well versed in the procedure, they are capable of offering a better quality of comprehensive services.
  • More Flexibility: There is better communication and coordination among the various departments due to one organization handling of different procedures. It results into highly flexibility and also saves labor, space and time.
  • Easy to Pinpoint Liability: If all different aspects are handled by one service, they are the ones liable and answerable if anything goes wrong.

With 3PL warehouse and logistics companies such as 20Cube, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of such value added services. Not only do we offer comprehensive logistics solutions but also have expertise and in-depth knowledge of recent trends to provide a satisfactory customer experience.