Best 3PL Warehouse in Gurgaon

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20Cube Warehousing and Distributions Pvt. Ltd.,
Mustil No. 19/5, Khalikpur , Jhajjar District, Gurugram(Gurgaon), Haryana, 122413
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3PL Warehouse in Gurgaon

We provide warehouse services in Gurgaon,Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore. With our warehouse in Gurgaon, you will get fire safety, flexible space, vehicle tracking, events alerts, automated vendor compliance and more.

MyHub Digital Advantage

We provide live inventory information, goods receipt information, CCTV view, vehicle tracking, reports, TAT measurement and more which helps the customer to track their goods anytime online.

Logistics Company in Gurgaon

As a complete digital logistics company in Bangalore, we offer complete range of logistics services including warehousing in India, domestic distribution, import freight, export freight and custom clearance.

Warehouse with Distribution

Trucking services are also a key service which we provide with various load slabs and are largely governed through Pan India contracts apart from local sourcing for our 3PL warehouse customers.
Modern Warehouse in Gurgaon

Good Location of Warehouse in Gurgaon

For warehouse with distribution services, location plays an important role with respect to delivery, turn around time, safety, etc. Our warehouse is just 12 Km from Delhi and 20 Km from Gurgaon which put ourselves at the centre and also helps us to on-time distribution during both day & night. Also, average time taken to reach important places like airport, fire brigade station, railway station is just 20 minutes.

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Modern Warehouse in Gurgaon

Best Infrastructure

With construction supported by ZAMIL with PEB structure, our 3PL warehoue in Gurgaon has best infrastructure construction. Our floor quality is also one of the finest which eases off various warehouse concerns. With adequate parking facility, we also aid in cargo vehicles movement to/from our warehouse in Gurgaon. With our 3PL warehouse services, you will also get best in class fire safety, flexible space, 24/7 CCTV, ePOD feature, vehicle tracking, events alerts, live warehouse operations, live inventory and value added services like shrink wrapping, decanting, packaging, assembly and pick & pack operations.

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Modern Warehouse in Gurgaon

Live Inventory Visibility with MyHub

Because of MyHub, you can have end to end visibility of your inventory during whole supply chain process. My Hub also provides information about receipts, dispatches, etc even at SKU level. You can even track out-bound orders, inbound receipts, ledger of a specific SKU at real-time basis. You can also place pick orders online and track their subsequent processes on real-time basis due to MyHub digital advantage.
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Digital Advantage with our Warehouse in Gurgaon

Turn Around Time TAT Measurement

Dashboards in MyHub gives information regarding important operations TATs and vehicle TATs. Information is available (like order to pick, dock out to gate out, gate in to dock in, etc) in real-time which helps in getting digital advantage. All these leads to better performance and productivity from our side and full satisfaction for 3PL warehouse customers.
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Modern Warehouse in Gurugram

Best in Class Safety in Warehouse

In our warehouse in Gurgaon, we make sure that our customer never face any safety issues since we have CCTV surveillance, fire fighting system, fire detecting system, LEL detector, and also compulsory safety training programs for our employees. We also have regulatory credentials like Fire NOC, etc.
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Modern Warehouse in Gurgaon

Best Equipments in 3PL Warehouse

We have mechanical equipments and MHEs which ease off the loading and unloading work in our warehouse management processes. It also leads to reduction in wastage and handling costs. It also improves the safety of both employees and goods at our 3PL warehouse in Gurgaon.
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Digital Advantage with our Warehouse in Gurgaon

Technology Integration

We are 21st Century technology driven 3PL company and our warehouse customers got added advantage from it. During warehouse management, we use EDI for receiving purchase order, sales order and also for SKU registrations. Due to digital advantage, you will get vehicle tracking, events alerts, automated vendor compliance, goods receipt inform. and many more.
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Warehouse with On-Time Distribution in Gurugram

Vehicle Tracking Online

You can track your vehicles online during transportation with the help of MyHub. Our GPS enabled vehicles can be tracked live on MyHub during whole supply chain process. With our warehouse with distribution services, you will get peace of mind due to increase in safety of your goods.
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