Tracking Shipment Crucial for Customer Experience

  • December 23, 2019
  • Blog

Technology is a boon in today’s world. With technology, we are doing certain activities that were not possible some time ago. Take any industry today, it would have implemented some kind of automation to streamline and simplify the process. Same applies to Logistics or a supply chain industry as they are keen on adopting new innovations that will help them provide more than just promising to deliver the consignment safely and on time. Today, freight forwarders are able to communicate and track shipment status in real-time. With all the vital information available to the customer about his shipment, it’s easy for customers to take important business decisions even before the delivery of the consignment. freight forwarders get approvals to move faster using automation as all the stakeholders of the shipment can access the tool online and give a go. 

In this blog, let’s look at the advantages of shipment tracking and how it helps the customers:

Enhance supply chain performance

The tracking system helps in supply chain performance as the customers get complete information on the status of the consignment. The data from the MyHub platform also helps to analyze and coordinate the information for forecasting and decision making. The shipment tracking system provides access to the customer to plan, manage and track shipments even from a remote location.

 Real-time alerts

Online shipment tracking technology provides transparency and control to the stakeholders as they can view the status of the shipment and take necessary business decisions. The customer is given a shipment number with which he can track and stay up-to-date on the shipment progress. Not only that, the customer will also be able to view the history of the previous shipments, the reports, and documentation to help them decide on the forthcoming shipment schedule. 

Report generation

In MyHub smart app, all the shipment-related details are stored in one place for the convenience of the customer. With a single click, the details can be exported to a local drive and used for analysis. The reports can be sorted date-wise, number wise and even customer-wise. The dashboard screen also helps to capture the complete shipment status of the customers.

Increased visibility

20Cube logistics, MyHub helps offer a holistic view of the journey of the consignment from Purchase order to the last-mile delivery. The platform allows you to view the shipment’s progress, and track each milestone through automated alerts and notifications.

Customer experience to the fullest

The right platform that brings all stakeholders to the same platform allows the customer to get accurate and up-to-date information through notifications and alerts. The platform not only connects the customers and the logistics provider but also enhances the supply chain with the best customer experience. 
Today’s customer wants more and the best way to give them fulfillment is to provide them with the best customer experience. The better and more innovative the service, the better the user experience.