Tips on Choosing the Right Shipping Container

  • July 11, 2018
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If you decide to store the good that is to be shipped, you will have to get containers. Generally, a container is better than all the other options. However, it is quite difficult to choose the right international shipping container for usage.
Shipping Container
The first step that you need to take is to visit a container yard to take a look at the different shipping containers that are available. You need to examine as many shipping containers as you can. Even if you might have decided to opt for a particular size or kind of container, you should also check out the other types and shapes. This will help you to determine whether you have chosen the right container or require some other kind of container.

Before you visit the shipping container yard, you need to ensure that the supplier has enough inventories to make the visit worthwhile. You will also be able to take pictures of the shipping containers by taking permission.
When you reach the yard, take some time out to review your requirement with the representative of the seller. You need to explain how you intend to use the container, your budget, the delivery time of your project. If the supplier shows you the truck that will be carrying your good then it might prove to be useful as you will get an idea of the size in regard to your goods.

When you take the first round, you should check out the simple stuff. Thereafter, take a look at the doors and the sides. Do not forget to check the color of the container. Check for major scrapes and dents. Do not hesitate to reject the container if its exterior doesn’t appeal to you. Sniff to check for odors and check the floors for soft spots.
After you have narrowed down the container shopping to one or two containers, you will have to re-inspect the container with a little more attention to detail.

Check following with respect to Shipping Container:

Exterior Walls
You have to walk slowly around the container in order to look for cuts in the wall. At times, this might be difficult to detect from inside. You need to look for improper patches which can be a problem in the future. You need to check for streaking rust which is caused by the top or roof rail damage. Make sure that the walls are straight. It is not pushed excessively in or out. The top rails should be straight and in good shape.


A majority of the yards have a specialized way to inspect the roof of the sea or air freight container. Thus, you do not have to walk up to it simply to take a look at it. You need to look for rust build-up, particularly from the fittings in the corner. This is because these areas have dents which lead to rust build-up and water pooling.


You need to confirm if the locking rods are straight and swing it freely. Operate the doors yourself to check the amount of effort required. Make sure that gasket seals are not broken, damaged, or cut in a way that will allow water to fill the container.

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After you have finished checking all of the above criteria, if you like the air or sea freight container then you should seal the deal and get ready to deliver your products.