Tips for Optimizing Your Air Freight Shipments

Do you want your cargo to be delivered as soon as possible? Then you need to get an airline shipper. Air Freight is the fastest method currently available to get your goods to their destination. However, international air cargo rates are incredibly high. This makes it necessary for companies to optimize their air freight shipments or risk logistics costs.

Here are some ideas that can be implemented to optimize freight and reduce international air freight charges.

Utilize Technological Solutions

These days, technology is capable of a great many things, especially in the logistics industry. As such, you should consider using air shipping software to help you out. There are technologies that help you generate and process all paperwork and documentation electronically including the creation of shipment labels. Apart from saving time, shipping software can reduce the potential of errors. Some of these solutions can be integrated into your existing systems in the company, facilitating several internal functions.

Verify the Documentation

Documentation is crucial to shipping. Missing, incomplete or incorrect documentation can result in your cargo being held at the customs, which is a loss for your business. Software solutions can certainly help you ensure that these mistakes are non-existent. Give some more time to the documentation process to ensure its completeness and accuracy. In fact, make it a priority.

Find a Partner

The right partner can be immensely helpful in getting your air freight shipped with minimum hassles and at the right price. You should limit the number of airline cargo shipping companies you partner with. This can result in efficiencies while optimizing the costs. For best results, find shippers who can handle all kinds of shipments.
Alternatively, you can consider hiring a 3PL company like 20Cube that can oversee all functions. They will have a network of shippers to work with. They can identify the most suitable shippers for delivering your cargo in the most cost-effective manner.

Check the Service Levels

The fact is that your freight can have different sizes and weights. The transit time requirements can vary as well. You need to choose the right air freight shipping options for each of your requirements. It will take some time but it will be worth it as choosing the right option can help you reduce the overall costs.

Choosing the Customs Brokerage

It is always a good idea to get the customs brokerage services from the carrier or a 3PL company. This way, there will be fewer hand-offs resulting in potential time savings. You can avoid supply chain delays which can result in higher costs down the line. 20Cube has its own customs brokerage license which is certainly a benefit when you want goods shipped by air quickly.

Efficient Use of Pallet

To maximize the pallet space used, you need to optimize the packaging of your cargo. Space is just as important as weight. As such, you need to ensure that the cargo has been packaged efficiently. This reduces the fees that you must pay for the shipments.

Working with a 3PL company like 20Cube can help you greatly in reducing the international air freight charges. A company like 20Cube can leverage its strong network and considerable experience for providing superior services.