Real-time Alerts: Transforming Supply Chain

Supply Chain today has spread across borders challenging end-to-end visibility however technology is motivating businesses and is transforming the supply chain. From PO to last-mile delivery to warehouse management, the supply chain completely depends on real-time alerts for competitive growth and long-term success. 
The cloud-based application provides real-time data that enables visibility and transparency over each transaction. The supply chain industry is digitalizing itself with new innovative technologies that enable companies to work better, smarter and faster. 

Identifies and reduces delays

In business, customer satisfaction is of paramount importance and real-time alerts enable all the stakeholders to identify the delays and to take preventive actions to overcome the issue for consistent and hassle-free delivery, without letting the end consumers to realize what happens behind the scene.

Offers transparency

Real-time alerts offer transparency that allows all the stakeholders to receive regular notifications and alerts with regards to when the shipment will start, the estimated delivery date, the location of the shipment and exceptions in case of delays.

Eradicate loss while in transit

The use of IoT, bar codes, and asset tags can help organizations track shipments, on a piece-by-piece basis, which serves as a theft prevention tool and allows companies to incorporate sturdy security measures to prevent any future loss. 

Data analytics and insights

The tracking also helps businesses with excellent insights to identify inefficiencies within the supply chain. The data retrieved helps in streamlining the logistics process and help improve visibility and control.
Real-time alerts and monitoring increase the visibility of the supply chain resulting in cargo protection and helping make data-informed decisions to retain happy customers. 20Cube Logistics is using its MyHubPlus, a smart application that provides real-time alerts resulting in end-to-end visibility to customers.