Project cargo complexities simplified

  • January 2, 2020
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The most important job of a freight forwarding company is to deliver the consignment on the agreed date. If the consignment is not delivered on time, it’s a loss to the receiving party. Well, some cargos’ are special and require an eye for detail and prior planning to implement the whole operation. Such special deliveries are known as ‘Project Cargo’.

What’s Project Cargo?

Huge equipment, high-value machinery, tanks, pumps, windmills, etc. are large and sometimes require disassembling before shipping and reassembling for delivery.  It’s a special and complex freight and needs to have proper planning as it may require multi-mode, changing infrastructure, special handling equipment and other precautionary measures. Such cargos’ can be for domestic as well as for international companies and may even comprise single or multiple shipments.
The freight forwarders managing the project cargo business should really have good expertise and communication skills as they have to skillfully connect all the stakeholders involved in the supply chain to one platform. 

Managing the Project Cargo

Planning in advance
As the equipment is huge and highly-priced, there is a large amount of risk involved, hence adequate planning is a crucial step in project freight logistics management. Staff with specialized expertise in handling heavy equipment should ensure proper coordination when the work is in progress. This will help reduce costs and reduce risks during the transportation process.


As project cargo involves transferring of heavy machinery or equipment, there might be a chance of something going wrong. Hence, it’s necessary that people involved in the process should sit together and discuss all the possible outcomes and pitfalls to have a seamless movement of project cargo from port to last-mile delivery.

Planning of route

The route should be well-planned and accurate to deliver the consignment on time. Any delay may cause the customer time and money; hence the fastest route should be selected to deliver it with utmost precision and care. 

Customs clearance

After the planning of the movement and the best route selected, next is the execution of the plan. All the mandatory activities with respect to customs, compliance, paperwork, and tracks are organized and managed properly.  Besides that, there should be clear communication, visibility, and liability to complete the project cargo movement at hand excellently.

Project cargo in
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