MyHub: Approval for Booking Feature

  • August 7, 2019
  • Blog

20Cube Logistics has come a long way since it inception as it has embraced technology and worked around it to reinvent itself as a digitally equipped logistics company. Going digital has helped it to grow and sustain in the competitive environment and also allowed its customers to get information on the go. The digital solution, “MyHub” portal has been conceived, planned and developed to provide the customers with real-time tracking, exception alerts, and complete control over the way they operate. 

This article will be in a series that will describe the different features of the MyHub portal and its benefits of it. Furthermore, we will get to know about the “Booking for Approval” feature.

The “Booking for Approval” feature is part of the Cockpit menu and allows the buyer to approve or reject the order created by the supplier. Let’s understand this more by taking an example. 

A leading fashion house’s purchase team is scouting for the latest fashion trends across the globe and with multiple suppliers coming into the ambit. It becomes a herculean task to keep a tab on each supplier and their bookings. In such cases, as soon as the booking is made, the buyer can easily scrutinise the booking and if it’s in accordance with the requirement, it can be approved or rejected.

The feature helps to achieve:

  • View purchase order
  • View order history
  • Approve or reject a booking made by the supplier

How does it benefit the customer?

The buyer gets complete control over the purchase order and end-to-end visibility to complete an order by:

  • Viewing the order and checking all the necessary fields. If satisfied, the buyer can go ahead and approve the order
  • In case of exceptions, like delay in the ETA, the buyer can take the decision to approve or reject after viewing the comment history in the Exception Notification tab in Cockpit to proceed further

This feature helps the customers to plan their cargo movement without keeping a tab on the supplier as all the information is updated on the MyHub platform periodically which offers customers complete transparency and visibility.