Managing time-sensitive shipment

Sometimes, you might get some customers who would like to ship their cargo within a stipulated time because the goods being shipped might be of short-shelf life like prescription drugs, perishables and exotic flowers, fruits and vegetables. Sometimes, even due to some emergency, shipment might be hurried. So the question is how to manage such time-bound shipment. Here are a few tips to tackle that:

Choosing the right carriers

For time-sensitive shipments one has to choose carriers who have qualified experience with the right equipment to handle the successful transportation via air freight. You have to plan with respect to carrier, service types, on-time delivery, visibility, etc. Negotiation on rates should be done in advance to avoid any repercussion later.

Get freight insurance

It is highly recommended to apply for Insurance for additional protection in case there is a delay or any freight damage which covers the whole value of the goods. It’s necessary to insure the consignment as the freight is an expedited one.

Engage 3PL services

Engaging a 3PL service provider will save time and costs as they have a wide network of various carriers and can help easily find a suitable one for your unique shipping requirement. Freight forwarders take care of all the other formalities, from documentation management to customs clearance. Today most of the freight forwarders are taking the leverage of technology hence they can provide you complete end-to-end visibility and real-time information on your consignment.

Working with 3PL will benefit you in many ways in the long-run as they provide the best rates and have a good rapport with the carriers and customs.