Impact of IoT in Logistics & Supply Chain

Operating process in Supply Chain and Distribution are expected to change soon and an important cause of this will be the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) in Logistics.

IoT in Logistics and Supply Chain
Effects of Internet of Things (IoT) in Logistics & Supply Chain

The predicted benefits of Internet of Things (IoT) in logistics and supply chain operations are as follows:

The Existing Processes Can Be Improved
IoT in Logistics can transform how logistics work and also the operations of businesses. Better technical assistance in analytics will improve warehousing, thus reducing the occurrence of low stock and out of stock situations. IoT can be useful in better planning of production and optimizing the warehouse space. It will lead to improved assets utilization and better process efficiency.

Merging of Physical and Digital Aspects of the Supply Chain
The rise of IoT in Logistics can drives the convergence of digital and physical processes of the supply chain. It will lead to better information collection at various stages of logistics management. Also, faster travelling of information will reduce the chances of asset loss as the information will reach the authorities in time.

High Visibility
The goods go through innumerable transfers between manufactures, suppliers, the centers of distribution, retailer and finally the customer. IoT in Logistics and Supply Chain will bring more visibility in the process through GPS and other such technologies that will provide adequate and accurate information about goods identity, locations and a several other essential tracking information. Due to IoT in Logistics and Supply Chain, traffic conditions and other issues related to the route can be monitored also. It will lead to better planning and more efficient & productive processes.

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