Green Logistics: The logistics pain for a green gain

The word ‘Green’ has become a trendsetter. It’s a catchword for people in business and policymakers to show their responsibility and commitment toward the environment. In such a scenario, the logistics sector is not an exception as they are the major contributor to carbon-di-oxide emissions due to fossil fuel combustion in the transport sector. This is where Green Logistics comes to the rescue wherein its objective is to transport and deliver the consignment at the lowest possible cost whilst reducing its adverse impact on the environment, at the same time, it offers improved efficiency of transport at reduced costs.

Green logistics, even though a new concept, it’s an evolving one. Let’s see how a logistics company in India ensures to safeguard the environment with limited resources at hand:

Reduced packaging

The use of packaging materials that are used in large quantities amounts to huge waste in the end. Most of the packing today is done in plastic and hardboards, adding to the woes of the environment. To transport and deliver the consignment from one country to another in good condition, loads of packaging materials are used to avoid any damage to the items inside.
Measures were taken for a green set-up: The first change is to replace plastic with biodegradable materials for the packing purpose. Even though sturdy plastic is necessary to pack and keep the items together, it’s necessary to pack individual items in lighter and degradable packaging, thus reducing the extent of waste.

Using of vehicle

The use of low-pollution vehicles like a hybrid or CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) vehicles, the use of GPS to optimize routes, and RFID to record and track the driver’s position help in minimising the pollution and are part of the green revolution.
In addition, improvement in loading efficiency to reduce the number of vehicles by loading one truck as much freight as possible.

Digital solutions

Automation of the process involving various logistics operations: implementing a digital solution for efficient warehouse management systems, distribution management systems and freight management systems that can reduce paperwork, and offer data accuracy in collaboration with various tools providing benefit to logistics companies.

Reverse logistics

Reverse logistics contributes toward green initiatives along with financial returns. The damaged and unwanted products can be repaired and reused again in a new avatar to reduce waste and contribute to the green ecology.

Proactive & corrective actions

Activities like regular maintenance of fleets and improved driving help in increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Similarly, understanding the demand of saleable products can help forecasting of stocking of items in the warehouses as this helps reduce wastage to a lot extent. Damaged goods can be reused and stocked for resale. All these corrective measures help improve productivity and contribute to a green environment.
Today, we all look up to solutions that can offer us clean and green earth and a small contribution from each of us can make a huge difference. 20Cube Logistics has gone digital and implemented automation all across the branches to save and reduce paperwork. It’s a small step for the betterment of the industry as well as the earth.