Freight Shipping Problems That A 3PL Provider Can Help You With

You will find that some of the top e-commerce platforms in most countries have a 3PL partner. Have you ever wondered why multimillion dollar companies partner with a third party logistics service? The answer is simple. Freight shipping over long distances requires a large amount of planning and organizing for avoiding any freight shipping problem. They also need strong financial backing. Strategically speaking, hiring a 3PL company is generally considered to be a brilliant business decision for large and small business alike from a growth perspective and also for solving freight shipping problems.

These 3PL providers have a wide network of warehouses, air, water or land transportation and contacts with carriers in several countries. Hence, if your company is involved in goods shipping to people over land, sea, or air, hiring a 3PL company can be the best option.

3PL companies can solve freight shipping problems and help in:

> Bringing Down Costs
For any company, cutting costs is one of the most important concerns. Opting for a wrong shipping choice can be a costly mistake for your business. A 3PL company like 20Cube Logistics can ensure that your freight shipping is done in a way that is both cost and time-saving. There are several reasonable packages that you can choose from and you only pay for the services that you receive.

> Scaling Possibilities

You can face freight shipping problem related to scaling operations however hiring a third-party logistics firm such as 20Cube to deal with your freight shipping can help you to have full control over scaling the operation up and down. You can choose from a number of different packages of the service provider as per your current requirements. If the demand for your products increases or the load decreases, you have the option of scaling up or down.

> Securing Shipment Space

A professional 3PL company can help smoothen out a number of procedures related to freight forwarding. One freight shipping problem that might come up while shipping is the low availability of shipment spaces. The space that you want is also sought after by a number of other businesses. Negotiating and securing the required space for yourself can be tiresome and in the end unsuccessful. However, third-party logistics providers have long-standing relationships with carriers and will be able to secure space for your goods with ease.

> Tracking the Shipment

Another freight shipping problem that you might run into with independent freight shipping is tracking the journey of the shipment. However, with a 3PL company like 20Cube Logistics, you will be given regular updates about the location of your shipment, expected delivery date and time, etc. This also helps in determining liability in case of an accident.

Managing freight logistics can be a nightmare if the proper measures are not taken and the strategies are only half-constructed. It can also be a draining job as a whole and bring about inefficiency in your company. As opposed to this, hiring a professional company to look after the logistics for your shipment is effortless and saves valuable resources. With the 3PL provider taking care of the logistics, you can shift your focus to functions that you perform best. 20Cube is among the leading 3PL companies that meet the shipping and warehousing requirements of its customers with expertise.