Focus On Value Not the Price with Digital Freight Forwarders

  • June 19, 2018
  • Blog

There are a number of factors that have to be considered when choosing a digital freight forwarder. Among these factors, price is one of the most common considerations for businesses which are constantly looking at the bottom line. That being said, it is advised that the price must not be the only factor considered when choosing an ideal service. Successful businesses generally make sure that the digital freight forwarder they are choosing is one that offers valuable service and has an impeccable record. They consider price as a secondary factor.

When the question is about the safety and risk-free transportation of your goods, the quality of service is a factor that cannot be compromised. Although the cost associated is crucial, the value of the service provided by the digital freight forwarder must come first. Safe and on time delivery is worth paying a few extra bucks.

Factors to look into with a digital freight forwarder:

Freight and Logistics Experience
Just like in any other industry, experience is an important factor when it comes to freight forwarding as well. Only experience can bring enough knowledge and a deep understanding of how the industry works. Therefore, although experience is not a guarantee of quality service, it certainly indicates the capability of the digital freight forwarder. Experienced companies generally have a skilled workforce backing them who ensure timely and safe delivery of goods.


An important question that you must ask before hiring a digital freight forwarder for your business is whether they have experience in transporting the kind of goods your business deal with. This is known as a specialized experience and is a crucial consideration. With companies that frequently work with similar goods, there is a higher chance of smooth forwarding and a lesser chance of things going wrong.

Security and Global Logistics Tracking

Putting your faith in a digital freight forwarder that doesn’t have sufficient tracking infrastructure might cause loss or damage to goods. The shipment might also reach the wrong address. This will not only cause losses in time but may also be financially dangerous. Hence, it is a good idea to choose a logistics service provider that gives a guarantee of safety and offers step by step tracking. 20Cube Logistics is a digital forwarder and owns state of the art tracking software.

Speedy Shipping

The estimated time of delivery guaranteed by the shipping company must be one of the first factors that you consider. In highly competitive markets, the speed of delivery is a critical factor that might cause shifts in customer loyalty. Therefore, the digital freight forwarder must guarantee that the delivery will be made within a reasonable time limit.

Transparency of Terms and Conditions

Lastly, only a company that is clear about their terms and conditions before the deal is signed can be trusted. Steer clear of vague phrases and get them clarified beforehand.
After you have made sure that the digital freight forwarder possesses some of the above signs of trustworthy service, the freight charges can be considered. Although you might be thinking that hiring a low-cost service for your freight requirements is a good way to cut costs, this might go up against you. A service that offers unbelievably competitive rates might be lacking in experience or skill and might do more harm than good.