Difference Between Climate and Temperature Controlled Warehouses

  • March 19, 2021
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It’s not uncommon among people to use the climate controlled and temperature controlled warehouse interchangeably. But, knowing the difference will help a lot in understanding to store what kind of inventory to keep it safe for a long time by making the right choice.

Temperature controlled warehouse

In such warehouses, the facility maintains the temperature in the required range using cooling and heating equipment. Depending on the season, the temperature is maintained and controlled by the owner and can be altered as per the requirement.

: Between 55 to 80 degrees
Advantage: Protect inventory from radical temperature extremes with the changing seasons
Disadvantage: Does not protect against humidity

Climate controlled warehouse

In climate controlled warehouses, the humidity and temperature both can be controlled at an exact level that is best for storing goods. Every degree counts in such storage units and in case you are into wood, fabric or some delicate item like artwork or paintings, you definitely require humidity in your warehouse as mildew and mold can spoil the items.

Advantage: Dehumidifiers also help you keep mold, dust mites, mildew, etc. from growing on your goods.
Disadvantage: Quite exorbitant and not easily accessible
Difference between the two

  Temperature controlled warehouse Climate controlled warehouse
Access type Temperature controlled warehouse is generally a part of the bigger warehouse and much smaller than climate controlled units.
A climate controlled storage warehouse is generally a much larger area, comprising of multiple floors with ground level access or upper level access
Cost As earlier said, the temperature controlled warehouse can be a part of a larger warehouse; hence it is not that expensive. It can be managed in a limited budget based on the requirements you have from your customer. Climate controlled units are higher priced when compared to temperature controlled units, around 15 to 20 % more. Hence, it is advisable to invest only if you have a contract for storing goods that require humid control.
Management of Temperature and Humidity
Temperature controlled warehouses need to be constantly monitored to maintain right temperatures. Today the same work can be done by AI equipment that can help you to get alerts if there is any fluctuation in the temperature.
The climate control units have modern equipment installed like HVAC along with thermostats to control and maintain optimal climate. Using dehumidifiers instead of air conditions creates the prime difference by making the right condition for the item and too having energy efficient qualities.  

Summing up

As now you know the difference between the temperature and climate controlled warehouse, it is best to know your requirement, what is best suited for your goods before approaching the warehouse. It is also necessary to inquire about hygiene, security and maintenance. 20Cube offers temperature controlled warehouses that are controlled using AI, wherein every 15 minutes the temperature is monitored and if the temperature is more or less than the required range, immediately an alert message is triggered to the stakeholders.

To choose the best place for your goods, make a list of requirements like what to store, which items will spoil in humid conditions and they make the perfect decision.
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