Customer Experience in Logistics

  • September 16, 2019
  • Blog

Customer foremost, that is the mission of any logistics company, whether it’s a big, or small. Without a customer, the logistics industry can’t work and without logistics in the supply chain, a business can’t survive. Both have their own space in the supply chain management, but to retain customers; the logistics industry tends to offer the best experience, never like before. Almost all logistics companies accept that technology is the way forward to give that extra edge to customers. With digitalization, customers are able to get real-time insights and instant updates on their cargo movement.

Any information with respect to shipment is immediate which helps customers to make necessary arrangements and take well-informed decisions. Previously, a customer can know updates only on two milestones, shipment started and shipment arrived, in between the voyage, there would be no information. But with rapid technology growth and with the digitization of the supply chain process, it has become easy for the customers to get an update on all the events as and when they occur through various mediums, it might be a mail, an app or web API offering customers complete control of the shipment. 

It’s understood that customer experience plays a crucial role in expanding business and brand loyalty. Let’s list out the factors that offer customers a fulfilling experience in logistics. 

Efficient fulfillment

Every customer should feel that their orders are on a high priority list. As soon as the purchase order is raised, the customer starts getting updates on various events till the last mile delivery. The streamlined process through the
MyHubPlus portal offers customers all the information that they require. With real-time alters and insights, the customer is able to make informed business decisions even before the shipment arrives at the destination. 

Swift shipping of the consignment

The cost is always a concern for customers. It’s always good for a logistics company to understand the customer requirements and work around them to get the best possible rate. To be competitive in the market and to retain customer experience, logistics companies have to look for other places to reduce direct costs. 20Cube Logistics has helped save 20% direct costs to an Australian company by reducing delays in shipments, and LCL shipments, and saving on demurrage charges by using MyHubPlus, the collaborative integrated platform. 


This is the most important factor that makes the customer experience inevitable. With visibility at the forte, the customer expectations on the cargo movement are fulfilled. They can easily know when to expect a shipment arrival as every milestone is captured and information updated to customers. 20Cube Logistics keeps a track of 26 milestones and offers real-time alerts as soon as they occur. With all this information at fingertips, the customer knows when their shipment is arriving and makes plans accordingly to avoid any mishaps. 

20Cube is one such company that not only offers an enriched customer experience but also focuses on the needs of its customers. What it provides is beyond customer service. Each situation is taken as a challenge with customers’ best interests in mind. With that, it is paving the way to create a new benchmark in visibility and control to make a mark for itself.