Cobots? A New Term in the Automation Industry

  • November 11, 2020
  • Blog

We all know robots and how it is utilised in industries to warehousing for a decade while going through several updates. Now, we have something new called Collaborative Robots or Cobots that are currently a vogue due to its easy configuration and app-based controls. Cobots are cost-effective; can easily work alongside humans, improving their capabilities and are suitable for businesses, whatever size they may be.
As per research, the collab-robot market is set to expand to grow worth $2Billion with 150,000 units by 2021 and the industries are looking at cobots as a way to an automated future.

What is Cobot?

Cobots are safe to work along with humans as it has a built-in safety mechanism like force feedback and collision detection. They are powerful and take the least time to activate when compared to their other counterparts. Companies with seasonal demand and multiple processes can opt for these cobots which can also be easily multitasked. Companies like 20Cube who are constantly implementing evolving technologies into their system can easily make use of cobots for their warehouse in Mumbai and other places. 
Cobots in-built features have:

  • Sensors, smart tech linked with IoT solutions
  • Radar sensors for distance sensing
  • Understanding of verbal command and voice interpretation

How do they add value?

Early stages businesses can use cobots as their stepping stone to automation. It is easy to use and even an inexperienced user can easily learn and manage the process by moving the robotic arm to the desired position and setting the required actions using a touchscreen. Another benefit of a cobot is that programming can be used in one and copied to others. Being a safe collaboration, it can become another set of hands for humans as it can work along with it perfectly.  In addition, cobots are lightweight and easily movable from one place to another. They are more accurate when compared to humans thus the errors are minimized to a lot extent in the process.

The conclusion

Cobots are going to play a pivotal role in the industry with the help of IoT. Today, the cobots are deployed more for pick, place and pack, palletizing, and quality inspection in the warehouses. With technology, the cobots are ready to evolve more along with IoT and transform the trends in automation.