Centralized infrastructure for better data capture

  • October 9, 2019
  • Blog

Data is crucial for any organisation to flourish. Data can come from multiple sources and can result in a host of complications and inefficiencies, as there might be a duplication of data or an incorrect filling of information. Hence, a centralised infrastructure for data sources across the organisation will ensure access to a common source of data, a trusted data. This trusted data allows accurate and confident decision-making with increased productivity.
20Cube Logistics relies on the data that comes from a single source, a centralised infrastructure, “MyHubPlus” for making crucial decisions. The smart portal is a single point of contact for all stakeholders with different interfaces wherein they can log in and feed in the accurate data.

With a centralised infrastructure in place, the data captured is integrated into a single shareable source. This results in reducing the gap spent on reconciling data received from decentralised sources that are incomplete and inaccurate. The data capturing via centralised infrastructure allows opportunities to retrieve data through different modes, web/mobile application, EDI data, feed, email interface and API gateway among others.
How centralised infrastructure helps for better data capturing in freight forwarding. 

Clean and accurate data

Inaccurate or bad data coming from various sources cost companies time, money and reputation. However, data from a central source is easier to retrieve, accurate, maintain and keep clean. The data generally eliminates outdated entries, duplicate files and brings information in an organised manner. What’s important to note here is that the data captured for decision-making is accurate and authentic.

Improve data governance

Data from various decentralised sources in complications with respect to consistency and accuracy. However, if the data is captured via a centralized infrastructure, organisations can improve their data governance capabilities. The data can be easily monitored and controlled, resulting in eliminating the risk of mishandling sensitive information.

Optimise analytics

Quality data is an asset to a company and if properly analysed and read, it offers an opportunity for growth. When the data captured is from a central source, the business decisions also rely on it. Not only that, the data can easily offer recent changes in industry trends and predict future demands. It also helps the sales team to showcase the progress, become proactive and enhance customer relationships.

20Cube is moving ahead and promoting centralised infrastructure through the MyHubPlus platform, a collaborative integrated platform wherein all the stakeholders get control, transparency and efficiency across the supply chain. With that, when data is entered by multiple users into a single centralised infrastructure, it helps get accurate information gathering at all times.