How to Communicate and Build a Successful 3PL Relationship?

The 3PL relationship of a company should not just be about the invoices and the cost. It should be about the value being provided by the 3PL firm. If you want the best results by outsourcing the logistics operations, you need to build a successful 3PL relationship.

At the core of all successful relationships is communication. You must remember that the company you hired for handling sea freight, air freight and logistics will ultimately affect your bottom line. Communication allows you to avoid mishaps and issues that cause you to lose trust in each other. Communication is more than about asking the right questions at the right time to clarify any existing doubts. As such, it can be difficult to know how to communicate.

Ways in which communication helps in successful 3PL Relationship:

Establishment of Expectations: It is essential that you clearly define what your expectations are from the 3PL company. Simply mentioning good service is not enough. Talk about your exact requirements. This way, the logistics company can make the necessary plans and strategies to fulfill those needs and ultimately better 3PL relationships. Clearly defined expectations help in ensuring accountability as well.

Examination of Contract
: Contract disputes are one of the biggest reasons for a breakdown in relationships. The best way to avoid them would be to examine the contract thoroughly when it is being drafted or sent to you. Check all the details. Then, contact the 3PL company and clarify any and all points that you have doubts on. Make sure that there is no vagueness or uncertainties. Such measure save you from future problems which might arise and effect the 3PL relationship.

Explanation of Problems
: In spite of efforts by both parties, problems can arise. Ignoring these problems will only compound them and ruin the relationship down the line. It is essential that these problems are clearly discussed with the 3PL and warehouse logistics distribution provider. After all, the company can address the problems only when they know what they are. By communicating the problems, you give them the opportunity to work on the issues and overcome them.

Discussion of Future Goals
: You will certainly have an idea of where you want your company to be in the long term. While you may have clearly defined goals, it will not help your logistics any if your 3PL provider is not aware of them. Both parties must be aware of the future goals so that a suitable plan of action can be developed accordingly for continued success.

Evaluation of Performance
: Reviewing the progress made and the current status of the relationship between your company and the 3PL provider is essential. You need to know if the agreed conditions and deliverable have been made. Additionally, changes in the market, laws, and strategies may affect the logistics going forward. Evaluation enables you to update your plans together and eliminate any potential for disputes down the line which can effect the 3PL relationship.

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It does not matter whether you want to get sea freight forwarding or air freight forwarding services or outsource warehouse services. When you are hiring a 3PL company, you should make it a point to communicate. Do not assume or leave vague instructions. Communicate and clear all ambiguity so that better 3PL relationship blossoms.