Autonomous Driving and Logistics: The Effects

  • April 11, 2018
  • Blog

In recent times, Autonomous Vehicles have received a lot of attention in the technology world as big players like Google and Apple already have taken steps in making it a reality. If this becomes a reality, then it was ecstatic for the logistics industries in India.

Machines that can drive themselves are becoming a reality in sea, land and air cargo delivery. This technology is set to change the dynamics of how goods are shipped over long distances. It will probably change the processes currently associated with warehousing, management of the supply chain and several other critical features of logistics.


Automated trucks replacing truck drivers will adapt fast and help companies in cutting big costs due to labor cost saving and better efficiency. However, the industry is not just looking at individual automated trucks but entire convoys which will be connected to each other through GPS, sensors, Wi-Fi and cameras.

Cargo Ships

A self-driving vessel will eliminate the costs of maintaining personnel on a ship (generally at least 20 personnel present in a vessel). These ships will also bring down container shipping rates.              

Fork Lifts

In warehouses too, forklifts that work themselves will be a much more efficient way to carry out receiving and putting away goods. This will increase productivity and also allow the collection of accurate data about the size of the load that was picked and stocked, the location of the goods, etc.

Anticipated Benefits of Self Driving Vehicles:

  • The introduction of vehicles that drive themselves will help the logistics industry do away with some of the current issues that it is facing. For instance, the technology will make transportation much more efficient and speedy.
  • In countries such as India, the unavailability of sufficient infrastructure is a major issue that 3PL shipping and logistics companies have to deal with. However, with the precision of automotive vehicles, the coverage area will increase.
  • Machines that can work themselves are set to revolutionize warehouse management. They will optimize the stockings, loading and unloading of goods, thus saving time and ensuring safety.

One significant effect of automotive logistics vehicles is that it will certainly bring down the costs drastically. This is a highly interesting development in some countries where logistics account for a significant percentage of the cost of products.

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