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  • September 17, 2021
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LCL Shipping and Customs Brokers Streamline Your Distribution

One of the most rudimentary ways to slow down and price up your logistics is not understanding the proper requirements for distribution. If you don’t understand the most efficient means of freight consolidation and the clearances you need to ship, you end up over-paying for usually late deliveries.

20Cube – an innovator of digital freight forwarding in Australia, Malaysia, China, Germany, and Italy – uses technology to leverage an extensive network of supply chain managers across the globe. Our digitalisation allows us to track every detail of every shipment so we can ensure cost-efficient freight forwarding and that we meet all of your requirements. Let’s explore how we do it.

Freight Consolidation

FCL and LCL are two logistics terms that refer to the fullness and contents of a shipping container. FCL, or full container load, means that the shipping container is full of a single client’s goods. LCL, or less than container load, means that one client’s goods were not enough to fill the container so instead it contains multiple clients’ shipments.
LCL shipments can save you a lot of money when your alternative is filling a container full of supply that outweighs demand or shipping a partially filled container. However, the biggest challenge with freight consolidation is figuring out the most efficient trade lanes for a shipment that contains multiple clients’ goods going to different destinations.
20Cube’s advanced freight forwarding technology makes navigating this challenge easy. We create a network plan leveraging our global warehouses, shipments, transportation methods, and trade lanes to ensure that every shipment travels the most efficient route possible. Plus, this technology saves you money because your shipment doesn’t travel extra kilometers unnecessarily bouncing to various warehouses outside of its route.

Understanding Customs Clearances

Freight exports and freight imports require certain clearances to travel internationally and sometimes within the country as well. However, keeping track of when certain shipments are crossing certain borders can be a headache without detailed tracking information. 20Cube’s Customs Brokers have in-depth knowledge of the rules that govern international trade. We manage international customs legislations for you and keep your shipments on time with our detailed tracking systems.

Stay On Top Of Every Shipment

Now that you have 20Cube managing your freight consolidation and grouping, trade lanes, and customs relations, the only other supply chain process that’s up in the air is keeping track of where everything is and is going. 20Cube’s MyHub digital freight forwarding management system offers an efficient solution.

MyHub provides end-to-end visibility of up to 24 custom milestones for every shipment. It also has a feature called the Supplier Followup Engine which automates vendor compliance to ensure transparent inventory management and lead times.

As a 3PL provider, 20Cube has an extensive global network of warehouses, multiple means of freight forwarding, and logistics technology to ensure your distribution is on time and on budget.

To learn more about boosting your supply chain efficiencies, set up a consultation with 20Cube.