World’s first e-bunker vessel unveiled by Sweden’s SeaFjord Energy

  • June 28, 2023
  • News

The world’s first e-bunker vessel is developed by Sweden’s SeaFjord Energy which can deliver electricity to ships in port or at sea. It is the first time such a groundbreaking vessel has been created, allowing the shipping industry to become climate-neutral and completely emission-free.

The vessel comprises a large battery pack, delivering an output of up to 50 MW with a normal charge of about 60 minutes. The battery pack, developed in partnership with FKAB, can be charged with energy from a wind farm or directly from shore connections and this helps transport energy to recharge battery packs on board other vessels or supply entire ships without battery packs with electricity. The battery can also be used as a backup during emergencies and crises.

On the development, the chief operating officer at SeaFjord Energy, Elias Magnusson stated that the vessel will deliver green energy as electrons wherever the customers need it as it instantly allows the vessel to be electrified and operate as an emission-free unit.

The company adds that the energy created is good enough to travel from the South of Sweden to the North of Germany. Also, the vessel’s fast charging possibility at sea enables ships to navigate long distances without any halt at ports or long breaks for charging.