WasteFuel to Develop Environment-Friendly Green Methanol

  • September 17, 2022
  • News

With the demand for environment-friendly fuel for shipping getting louder, WasteFuel, a bio-refinery developer is coming up with a new way to create green methanol which is done by covering municipal solid waste with carbon fuels.

This new initiative by WasteFuel is designed for manufacturing up to 100 metric tons of methanol fuel per day by using various waste resources including biogas and landfill gas from anaerobic digestion. The Process is designed to enhance the maximum utilization of resources and enable quick scaling and cost-effective oil. Very soon the technology will be available for licensing. As per the company, the fuel when used at a commercial scale can achieve up to 90% reductions in CO2 and other greenhouse gasses when compared to conventional fuels.

The CEO of WasteFuel, Trevor Neilson states that green methanol is extremely significant in decarbonizing global shipping and the companies who are looking forward to the initiative. Even though many companies have come up with green methanol, the WasteFuel Methanol module allows municipal waste to be converted into green methanol in an efficient manner and can be easily done across the world.