Visakhapatnam towards becoming a green port

  • August 2, 2023
  • News

The Chairperson of Visakhapatnam Port Authority, M Angamuthu, announced that the Visakhapatnam Port is taking steps to transform into an eco-friendly port. This transformation includes the implementation of 15 MW solar power projects, the introduction of the Shore to Ship project, and the adoption of Green Tugs. The port aims to improve its cargo handling by following the best available Key Port Performance Indicators, drawing inspiration from European ports like Rotterdam and Hamburg.

Currently, tugs, which are responsible for maneuvering large cargo ships in and out of the port, are powered by bunker oil. However, the port plans to replace these tugs with electrically operated green tugboats. Additionally, the port intends to replace all diesel and petrol-run vehicles with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). These changes are expected to be implemented within a two-year timeframe.

Furthermore, the port authority plans to conduct a credit rating for the port. In the fiscal year 2022-23, the port achieved a record cargo handling volume of 73. 5 million metric tons.

These initiatives align with the Green Port Guidelines established by the government, which aim to achieve zero carbon emissions by encouraging eco-friendly practices in port development, operation, and maintenance.