US air cargo sector troubled over stricter screening rules

  • March 6, 2023
  • News

The US air cargo division had highlighted its concerns regarding the implementation of stricter cargo screening rules enforced last year. The requirement that all cargo must be screened has been in effect since June 2021, but up until now, the freight sector has been working with an extremely limited amount of TSA alternative security measures.

As per the rule, the cargo had to be mandatorily screened before it got stuffed onto a freighter, however, the US Air forwarder Association (AFA) has requested the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) to discuss with the shippers to address the concerns of the new requirements. The AFA is specific that the air cargo security programs should be aligned under all the segments.

The panellists are of the view that the Certified Cargo Standard Security Screening (CSSSP) designed for such operation is the best way to meet the screening needs and the TSA-proposed Secure Packing Facility (SPF) is not a feasible solution for shippers or air forwarders with complex cargos to screen for freighter export. In addition, the panellists said that the TSA needs to update the regulatory framework to include freighters.