UK’s freight forwarders to focus on environmental and sustainability policy

  • December 19, 2023
  • News

BIFA plans to hold future meetings to discuss environmental matters and establish the association’s policy on them. BIFA has been concerned about sustainability issues for several years and has been closely monitoring legislation and new regulations. The organization also provides advice to its corporate members on various environmental issues. Furthermore, BIFA has been studying different fuel types and assessing their advantages and disadvantages.
BIFA has formed a policy group to identify environmental-related issues that may impact the Association and its members’ businesses. At a recent meeting, Kelly Hobson, a sustainability expert, spoke about the wider business implications of supply chains, while Lucinda Maxwell highlighted the importance of calculating freight emissions and complying with sustainability regulations.

At the meeting, Director General Steve Parker stressed the importance of the new policy group and encouraged all members to attend future meetings and encourage others to participate. He noted that BIFA members are at different stages in developing policies that address environmental and sustainability issues within their supply chains. He added that members can shape best practices and influence BIFA’s representation of their interests in interactions with the government and stakeholders through this policy group.