UK biggest container port hit by staff strike

  • August 1, 2022
  • News

Felixsowe, is a key hub for imports as well as some exports from the UK and handles nearly half of the country’s container trade. The port is right now going through a vulnerable phase as around 2000 workers have threatened to go on a strike for 8 days starting August 21, 2022. The reason for the strike is that the port owner, CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd, has not agreed to a 7% pay increase.

It is said that strikes will have a huge impact on the supply chain and increase disruption to the international maritime trade, including the haulage and logistics sectors.

The port authorities said that because of the workers’ issue, they are worried about the risk of ships opting to bypass Felxstowe altogether, and later if a backlog develops and it might happen that containers are diverted to the European ports.

The workers elsewhere in the transport and logistics industry have also announced plans to strike in August after the unions said that the remuneration is not at par with the increased cost of living and all the members need a pay hike.