The US and China advocate for green shipping corridor

China and the United States are advocating for the green, low-carbon, and sustainable development of the international shipping industry. The “China-US Green Shipping Corridor Working Conference,” themed “Green Voyage, Future Dialogue,” aimed to implement the consensus reached by the presidents of China and the US in November 2023 to address the climate crisis together. Attendees discussed enhancing China-US cooperation in green shipping and promoting sustainable practices in the international shipping industry.

Representatives from the US State Department’s Office of Global Change, the Department of Transportation, and China-US Green Shipping Corridor partners attended. They exchanged views on the green, low-carbon development of international shipping.

Cen Yanqing, director of the International Cooperation Department of China’s Ministry of Transport, proposed establishing a China-US green shipping exchange and cooperation platform. This platform would involve government departments, shipping companies, and research institutions to promote multi-level and institutionalised cooperation.

Cen also urged China and the US to actively participate in global governance for decarbonization and reducing emissions in international shipping. He emphasised accelerating the green transformation of the shipping industry by exploring green fuel-powered ships and alternative fuels.

Daniel Delk, acting consul general at the US Consulate General in Shanghai, highlighted the need for China-US cooperation within the framework of the Paris Agreement. He stressed the importance of using clean energy and sharing green shipping experiences to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve decarbonization goals on time.