The new supply chain carbon emissions platform Agora is the first time used by BP, Ecopetrol, Trafigura

  • September 22, 2023
  • News

A supply chain carbon emissions platform named Agora for Energy was created by Trafigura and Palantir Technologies which works in collaboration on carbon emissions information and carbon intensity benchmarking and analysis.

The first users of this platform are BP, Ecopetrol, and Trafigura who share the global aim to continue improvement in transparency of energy supply chain emissions. Agora will help its clients with insights on carbon intensity measures of oil and gas, refined products and biofuels, and also understand the variations in carbon intensity of existing supply chain from the point of production and enable a common approach to assets owned and operated by other companies.

Agora will focus on industry standardisation of carbon intensity reporting and developing recognized methodologies of reporting for its clients by innovating solutions to collaboratively decarbonize energy operations and foster unprecedented transparency.

The Agora platform also empowers users to actively share and receive carbon emissions data from supply chain participants and reduce the administrative burden. This improves the transparency of the overall carbon intensity of supply chains. Not only that, it also evaluates alternative supply chain pathways by modelling the commercial impacts of carbon pricing mechanisms on supply chain choices.