The arrival of bigger ships at Chattogram Port quickens up cargo delivery, reduces transit time & cost

  • April 29, 2024
  • News

The Chattogram Port, Bangladesh’s primary seaport, has experienced a surge in container and cargo handling, despite a decrease in the number of ship arrivals. This increase in efficiency is attributed to larger ships now being able to dock at the port’s jetty with more containers and goods on board. In the nine months from July to March of fiscal year 2023-2024, 3,001 commercial ships docked at the port, slightly down from the previous year. However, container handling increased by 7.64%, with 178,666 more containers being handled compared to the previous fiscal year, and cargo handling also saw a 4.20% increase.

Enhanced navigation facilities and the arrival of larger vessels have allowed for the transportation of more goods despite the reduced number of ship arrivals. The port now accommodates ships up to 200 meters in length and with a draft of 10 meters, allowing for the transportation of more goods. This has led to a reduction in freight charges, as more goods are being transported.

The port authorities have seen a positive impact on revenue due to the increased transportation of goods. Bangladesh Shipping Agents Association Vice Chairman Mohammed Shafiqul Alam Jewel highlighted the increase in shipping capacity, reduced transportation costs, and expedited cargo delivery as key benefits of the port’s enhanced capabilities. Feeder vessel companies operating on the Chattogram port route have also seen a decrease in freight charges per TEU container, from $300-$350 to around $200.

Overall, the Chattogram Port’s increase in efficiency and capacity has led to significant benefits for trade and shipping in Bangladesh, with the port handling a higher volume of containers and goods, reducing costs, and improving delivery times.