Shell Find a New Way to Cut Methane Emission from Industry

  • September 12, 2022
  • News

Shell, the oil major, and MSC, together have launched an initiative to discover ways to reduce climate-warming methane emissions from ships which is a significant threat to logistics industry efforts to go green. Globally, the shipping industry is finding ways to cut carbon-di-oxide through various alternative fuels like methanol and ammonia.

Even though the research is on, for an immediate solution, companies are switching to LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) which emits less CO2, Sulphur, and nitrogen oxides when compared to the existing marine fuels.

Another study by Green Group Transport & Environment mentions that LNG thrust in vessels can leak a substantial amount of unburned methane into the environment through combustion. However, the EVP Technical Director, Andreas Spertos of shipping group Maran Gas Maritime said that he was convinced and satisfied with the advantages of LNG as clean burning fuel. However, due to the strong warming potential of methane released into the atmosphere, stringent control over methane emissions is important to make sure that LNG’s overall GHG footprint delivers as much GHG reduction as possible.