Port of Antwerp-Bruges starts off a large expansion

  • October 19, 2022
  • News

The port of Antwerp-Bruges and PSA Antwerp are together involved in upgrading the Europa Terminal which will add significant capacity to Belgium’s largest port. The total spend will be around $330M and will take around nine years to complete. The expansion is entrusted to four contractors.

Many improvisations are in the plan, like increasing the depth to allow large ships and ensuring enough space between passing ships at the terminal.

The general manager at PSA Antwerp, Jurgen De Wachter explains that the upgradation of the Europa terminal will improve the operations and service levels by reducing the carbon footprint by half. It will also focus on increasing the demand for megaship capacity.

The ports of Antwerp and Zeebrugge officially initiated work as an integrated entity in April this year, rebranding to become the Port of Antwerp-Bruges, which is Europe’s largest export port as well as the continent’s leading carport.