Plans developed for a fully electric wind farm vessel service hub in Japan

  • April 17, 2023
  • News

A joint partnership between Miraj Ships, a Japan-based shipyard and Zephyrus Marine has come together to construct a zero-carbon offshore wind service vessel. Ad Hoc Marine, a UK-based company will be providing the design for the zero-emission service vessel that will have an exchangeable battery system, developed by Shift Clean Energy. No timeframe has been declared for the launch of the vehicle.

This is a customized service provided by Zephyrus to Japanese wind and offshore vessels which will involve lifting off the mothership and launching it into the field and then reverting to the mothership for battery replacement as soon as the charge runs low.

A partnership has also been looked at between vessel manufacturers, battery manufacturers, naval architects and electric charging specialists to construct and deliver a fully electric mothership which will function as a charging station with electric crew transfer vessels that will be stored on deck or occasionally returned to shore for near-shore tasks.