Pavilion Energy, Gasum, and CNOOC in LNG bunkering tie-up

  • December 2, 2022
  • News

Pavilion Energy from Singapore, Gasum and CNOOC of Finland, and Power Group have joined hands to work on the LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) bunker supply network in Singapore, Northwest Europe, and China’s coastal areas. The three companies have come together to establish central links across the east and west in key LNG-bunker-ready ports including the Baltic & North Sea emissions control area, and key ports of China like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Ningbo, and Singapore. This deal is an addition to the previous one signed by Gausm with Pavilion Energy in October 2020 to develop the LNG bunker supply network in Singapore and Northern Europe. The addition of CNOOC’s participation is to strengthen the alliance and encourage the usage of LNG as a cleaner marine fuel.

The vice president general counsel and chief compliance officer of CNOOC’s and Power Group mentioned that tripartite cooperation is important to build a worldwide LNG bunkering supply network. On the same note, Alan Heng, CEO of Pavilion energy added that the operation would further facilitate access to customers’ demand for effective, competitive, and optimized bunkering solutions. Gasum, a state-owned company, is involved in bolstering its position in northwest Europe, and the Nordics with over 1300 ship-to-ship and truck-to-truck deliveries of LNG. The CEO, Mika Wiljanen stated that he is happy with the partnership with CNOOC and Pavilion Energy as it will help them achieve a carbon-neutral future.